Outfitting Your Boat Galley


Outfitting your boat galley can be a daunting experience, but I hope these articles will make it less confusing. Buying the equipment for your boat’s kitchen is difficult as there are few reviews of what really works — and, maybe more importantly, doesn’t — in a marine environment.

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Full disclosure:  My website contains some affiliate marketing links, which means I get paid commission on some sales of those products (it doesn’t cost you anything extra).

HOWEVER, I do not recommend products based on whether or how much I might earn — I base it on whether I think they are good, useful products sold at a good price and I often suggest you just buy something at the nearest Wal-mart if that’s where I’ve seen the best price.  The commissions I earn simply offset my costs in keeping this website running.

The articles listed above can also give you some good ideas for gifts, but if you don’t know exactly what someone wants/needs/has room for in their boat galley, I recommend a gift card from the appropriate merchant and then you can add a note with what you were thinking of (or a print out of the page from this site) — but they can make the final decision.

Finally, when I haven’t actually purchased a product from a given merchant, I say so — sometimes vendors change and I will note that while I heartily endorse the product, I don’t have personal experience with the seller.


  1. Marshall Siegel says:

    Just received my Rapid Chef cook set,and was surprised at the quality. Heavy duty Stainless, can’t wait to use them next time on the Hook!
    Thanks for the Advise,
    Marshall Siegel
    Freehold, NJ

    • Carolyn Shearlock says:

      Thanks Marshall — glad that you like them. Amazing how heavy pans produce better results, isn’t it?

  2. Waterwoman says:

    Hi Carolyn, are you familiar with the website Honeyville Grains?

    We will be heading to Mexico in October/November this year and although I have used Honeyville for my blanched almond flour and other baking goodies, I am now stocking up on freeze dried veggies for those times when we won’t be able to get fresh and/or happen to be out. I have used the celery and dried onions and find them to be a valuable addition to the cruising pantry. Can’t attest to the carrots, corn or peas, but the dried blueberries are just heavenly and for those that can eat yogurt, the dried fruit yogurt would be great! This is probably old news to you, but thought it worth a mention.

    Thanks for your website, it is amazing how you keep coming up with new ideas!

  3. Waterwoman says:

    BTW, this will be our second trip to Mexico. We spent six seasons there from 1997 – 2003 when we returned to California. So looking forward to going again!

  4. Hello Caroline,

    During one of our “sailing association” meeting, someone mentionned the Easiyo. An easy thermos to make fresh yogurt. And since your website is very informative I wondered if you had heard about it as well and what was your opinion.

    We are preparing to leave for this coming September (if all sells well..) and move aboard our catamaran with our two children.

    Thank you for a wonderful website filled with great informations.

  5. tertza & lionel says:

    Hi Carolyn. Have just discovered the The Boat Galley, and especially this section which is going to perused extensively over the next couple of months — Reason – we have a new Bavaria 33 on order due for commissioning March 2015 in U.K. and we are going to be equipping the boat from scratch ! We will stay in touch

  6. Sally O'Neill says:

    Hi Carolyn

    I am about to buy bedding for our new boat. On our chartering experiences we found that the sheets and towels felt constantly damp. Granted, we did not know at the time that we should rinse all salt off our bodies before climbing into bed. But I’m also wondering if there is a better textile for sheeting on the boat e.g. cotton vs microfibre vs polyester. I don’t see it in your provisioning articles but maybe I missed it.

    • Some people swear by microfiber instead of cotton, but I never really noticed a difference and I just prefer the feel of cotton. I also know of a few that use a very lightweight fleece as the bottom fleece and say it seems cooler and not as damp to them, but I’ve never tried that.

      Getting the salt off has made the most difference for us.

  7. Great amount of information on this website. You should do a section on outfitting for fishing gear. There are so many people that have no idea on how to even add rod holders to there boats. Just a thought!

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