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For years, I’ve bought non-slip mats to use under rugs not only on the boat, but also on tile and wood floors. Many times, though, I have odd sized rugs (particularly on the boat) and end up having to cut a large mat down . . . but then the scraps don’t fit my other rugs, either. I tend to get a little grumpy about throwing so much away – I don’t like to waste money and I hate to create extra trash.

Last week, a new Jo-Ann’s fabric opened in town and I discovered that they sell non-slip matting by the yard. Not only is it considerably cheaper than the packaged mats I was buying, I can fit several items together and end up with a lot less waste.

It has larger openings than what I have been using (see photo below) but my experience so far is that it’s actually grippier (is that a word?).


You can use this non-slip material for a couple of things in addition to rugs:

  • Under placemats – cut pieces about 1” smaller than the placemat.
  • Under tablecloths – cut a piece to fit the top of the table.

Got other places you use  non-slip mats? Leave a note in the comments!

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  1. What a great way to keep placemats in place….had not thought of that application for the rug gripper!

  2. I found it at Wal-Mart too!

  3. I found it at Wal-Mart too!

  4. Do you think it would work under canvas covered seat cushions? We have already tried Velcro and snaps but I am thinking a combination with a product like this. Have you seen it self sticky so I can stick it to wood side?

  5. I think it would help considerably. Shouldn’t need to actually stick it to the wood — the rubber makes it so it doesn’t move much. But if you needed to, you could spray it with some construction adhesive and then put it on.

    • Watch out with using nonslip on plastic surfaces. The nonslip has solvents that evaporate
      over time and can damage plastics.
      I have a clockradio at home, on the underside you see dents, where it is continues in contact with the antislip bubbles.
      So watch out where you use it.

  6. Shari Berkowitz says:

    It can make a good shelf liner. If you have a little scrap at the end, it can be a jar gripper for opening tight jars.

  7. We wind strips of this among our stowed bottles — no more clinking.

  8. I prefer to stay stick to the wood. Thank any way. But I appreciate your post.

  9. Karen Bowen says:

    Hi. Another option for rugs or mats is run a bead of caulking on the underneath of your mats or rugs. I smooth it down to ensure no lumps. Works like a charm.

  10. It certainly is great stuff with many uses. Dare I say that the issue of using non-skid underlay on a boat is a slippery slope?

  11. Works great under ccushions too!

  12. I buy the rolls at Costco when they have a coupon sale. Note that there are different types available in different stores. I like the thicker mats as the non-skid surface seems better for the majority of my non-skid & cushioning jobs. What I have used it for:
    Tool box drawer liner, shelf liner, nav chart liner, cargo space liner, pieces placed between nested pans, as noted -under rugs, on a dog ramp, in the bottom of solid cup holders to keep cups from rattling, also I glue bits on surfaces that squeek with vibration, or rub off paint/varnish on surfaces such as wood-fiberglass interfaces. The extra odd pieces are great for jar openers & I have them everywhere!

  13. I actually just use the non slip in the head. It is afford-ably a throw away, and is easy to wash in the tub with soap and water.

  14. These are available at Walmart.

  15. Sally Larson says:

    I had very good results by smearing the back of the carpet with silicone using a calk gun and then a putty knife to smooth it and then attaching the mat to that wet surface. It worked fabulously and I didn’t have to deal with the mat and rug separately when cleaning.

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