Galley Gift Ideas

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Looking for some gift ideas for someone with a boat?  Or just want somewhere to point friends and family to show them what you would really like?

The following items all make great gifts.  All links are to articles on this site where I’ve discussed the item and made a recommendation as to what I think is most suitable for a galley.

The Boat Galley Cookbook

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Cooking and Baking

  • Baking Stone - A baking stone can really help with oven hot spots. Here's what to look for when buying a baking stone particularly if you're going to use it in a boat oven.
  • Pressure Cookers - 5 important considerations in buying a pressure cooker, and the best pressure cookers
  • Best Pots and Pans for Small Spaces - I love my nesting pans -- wonderful heavy pans that cook evenly. The fact that they take up so much less space is a double bonus!
  • Cookie Sheets - Galley ovens are generally smaller than those ashore, and it can be hard to find cookie sheets that will fit. Here are some that will!
  • Omnia Stove Top Baking Oven - Want to bake but don't have an oven? As long as you have a stove (even a single-burner camp stove), you can bake pizza, bread, cakes, brownies, casseroles and more with the Omnia oven!
  • Silicone Pan Lids - Missing a pan lid or just want ones that don't clank? Silicone lids are the answer!
  • Coffee Grinder - Okay, I've always heard that a great cup of coffee begins with grinding your own beans. I finally believe it . . . and love this grinder!
  • Kuhn-Rikon 4th Burner Multi-Pot - The Multi-Pot isn't going to replace a skillet or saucepan on your boat. But if you have room for just one more pan, this would be a great choice.
  • Muffin Pans - I really like my silicone muffin pan . . . or maybe I should say that I really like my second one! Here's what I learned about buying one, along with my recommendation.

Provisioning and Food Storage Gear

  • Serving/Salad Bowl for Potlucks - Even if it is accidentally dropped, these bowls won't spill your salad or other foods on the way to a potluck.
  • Best Thermos Bottles - My choices for the best Thermos bottles, ranging in size from 16 ounces (2 cups) to 61 ounces (almost a half gallon). I'm amazed at how well they keep food and drinks hot!
  • Provisioning by Dinghy - If you're taking groceries back to the boat by dinghy, you need to protect certain things (say, sugar) from getting wet. Here's how to do it!
  • Provisioning Cooler - My provisioning cooler is my secret weapon in getting cold foods home without spoilage, even when it's HOT out!

Food Preparation Gear

  • Knives & Knife Storage - What knives do you really need? And what should you look for when buying them? Here are my recommendations -- and storage for them.
  • Kitchen Shears - I love my Wustof kitchen shears -- read why they're great anywhere, but particularly on a boat where you may have to bone your own meat and do other tough chores.
  • Salad Spinner — Lots of Uses! - Whether you're washing greens and other veggies, or want to thoroughly drain canned or cooked veggies or even pasta, or need a strainer or bowl, a salad spinner can be a great multi-use tool in the galley!
  • SodaStream - Is a SodaStream for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of one? Will it save space? money? weight? Here are answers from other cruisers!
  • Silicone Spoon Spatula - I bought the Orka Silicone Spoon Spatula on a whim. It's turned into one of my favorite galley tools that I reach for constantly!
  • A Better Mixing “Spoon” - It's hard to find a good hand-mixing spoon. This funny-looking implement does a better job than any spoon I've had!

Eating & Drinking

  • Wine Glasses - The best wine glasses for your boat? Whether you want glass stemware, unbreakable stemless or even a glass that will keep the bugs out, there are great options.
  • Unbreakable Boat Dishes - Most cruisers prefer unbreakable dishes for use on their boat. But there are still a number of options. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular options, along with my preference.
  • Yoebi Wine Glass Holder - The Yoebi Stemware Holder turns any standard drink holder into a secure holder for your wine glass, martini glass, brandy snifter or other stemware.

Other Stuff

  • Favorite Cookbooks - My recommendations for a basic cookbook collection for a cruising boat, including basic reference, seafood, bread, pressure cooker and more.
  • Boat Shirts - Want some custom boat shirts - or hats, mugs or cards - but don't like the minimum order size and prices you've found? Here's how I just had TBG shirts made.
  • Food Storage Containers - Food storage containers are the cornerstone to safely stowing your provisions. Here's what I look for and my recommendations.
  • Individual Ice Cubes - Got just a TINY bit of room in your freezer? Not enough for a full ice cube tray, but enough to make just one or two ice cubes? Here's how you can do it!
  • Spanish for Cruisers - If you're cruising in Spanish-speaking countries, this is one book you must have -- whether you are a total novice in Spanish or are already fairly fluent. There's no other place to get the specialized vocabulary needed -- and it's organized by type of activity so that everything you need is together!
  • Little Buddy Heater - Oh, I wish I'd known about this -- and had one -- BEFORE the first cold snap!

And if you really don’t know what to get, how about a gift card from Amazon?  Most of the gear I recommend is available at Amazon — they have a great selection and usually the best prices as well.

Whatever the occasion, have a great one!

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  1. Sami on Facebook says:

    I love our Fagor pressure cooker the best of all our galley stuff.

  2. Carolyn, I have a question about Tupperware. It seems to be highly recommended, and I have been looking to get the square modular mates set. I’ve used Tupperware for years and know that it performs wonderfully for sealing well and keeping food fresh. With the recent concerns over BPA, I have been searching their website to see if it is BPA free or not. Nothing is said about it, so I am fearing that Tupperware is not BPA free. You seem so incredibly well informed on so many products, I just thought I’d ask if you knew anything about this. As I was looking at the Tupperware website, I also found a manual food processor, which looks like a potentially great idea for a boat.

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