Easier Bed Making

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Mark Your Sheets

Just making the bed on most boats requires you to be a bit of a contortionist.

Changing the sheets? Definitely a job for an acrobat!

And if you’re like me, all too many times you’ve wrestled that fitted sheet onto two corners only to discover that you’ve got it on wrong. No matter how I’d lay it out in the v-berth in Que Tal, I’d always somehow manage to do it wrong and have to start over.

Now, I don’t know how to make it easier to put sheets on a bed that you’re crawling around on, but I finally did figure out a simple way not to have to do it multiple times just to get them right way around. And when I thought of it, all I could think was why hadn’t I thought of it sooner.

Once you’ve got the fitted sheet on correctly, mark the top (or the bottom). I used a permanent marker (water-based will come off in the laundry) and simply made a T on the top edge of the fitted sheet, where it will be tucked under the mattress. No one will ever see it unless they’re making the bed (yeah, I keep hoping . . . ). On dark sheets, where felt marker would be hard to see, you could sew a couple of stitches with white thread.

That’s it. Just a couple seconds can save a bunch of time, frustration and cussing in the future. Why didn’t I think of it oh, say, the first time I made the bed??

Got other tips for easier bed-making? Please leave a note in the comments!

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  1. Marie H says:

    Carolyn, I just did this. We are getting ready to put our boat back in the water in lower Michigan. We actually brought our mattress home over the winter and I custom fit my mattress pad and sheets to FIT the mattress. Our mattress is kind of oval and I always had waaaay too much fabric in the corners. I had a brainstorm while fitting them and actually sewed a tag on the top. I was so proud of myself. LOL

  2. Haaa! I marked mine head and foot months ago! Sorry for not sharing…

  3. The sheets we bought from target a year ago come with tags for top/bottom and sides! Genius!

  4. I found rolling the flat sheet and blanket at sides of the V and tucking much easier. I also think of changing the sheets as exercise 🙂

  5. Annie Griffin says:

    I’m with Rebecca. Bought Target sheets a year ago. Line is called Threshold. Best ever on a boat. Double rows of elastic at corners adjust from a 9 in to a 14 in mattress. Gave me just enough versatility to fit a five sided athwarts queen (say that quickly lol) snuggly. Soft 400 count, can be bleached and top, bottom and sides are marked. Nice sheets. Reasonable.

  6. Belinda Wolfe says:

    I use an egg turner in my v berth to tuck in the sheets because the mattress is so tight my hand won’t fit. For convenience I just keep it on the shelf above the berth. My quests always ask (with a whimsical look) what is this for??? But it works great. I also marked my sheets on the bottom – P and S. Port and Starboard.

  7. Susie Burall says:

    I did this last year after nearly 30 years of cursing. When I fitted out our new boat 6 years ago I also hemmed each bottom sheet in a different colour thread. Aft cabin port mattress – red, starboard – green. Pilot berth – yellow, Forepeak starboard – light blue, forepeak port – dark blue. I can’t tell you how much time and frustration this has saved. The simplest solutions are always the best! Love the tips. Keep them coming!

  8. I like all these ideas – marking, using different colored thread and tags. i bought white sheets with a damask stripe (white on white). That way I can tell which way the sheet runs. Also with white I can bleach them and not worry about them in the various quality laundromat washers and dryers. So far so good. Will watch for the Target brand in the future. Thanks.

  9. Barbara Lowell says:

    I also thot of this but never got around to it … I have a futon and it is unweildy so I am going to do this tomorrow once and for all and everytime I use a different sheet I will mark them. Honest, I really will this time!!!

  10. Colleen Fitzpatrick says:

    All great ideas. I have discovered a way to make the bed daily in our forward queen. I climb into the bed and pull all of the bedding up (much easier than “pushing” from outside the bed). Still under the bedding, I roll to one side, straightening the opposite side. I climb out to the now even side and straighten the side I was in. Then, once off the bed, I can fine-tune. Takes me half the time it used to.

  11. I actually sew my fitted and top together. Can’t mix up top and bottom and no more pulling the top sheet out from being tucked under.

  12. Our bed in the v-berth is narrow at the head and queen size at the foot. I use a queen size fitted sheet and purchased some of the elastic clips from Amazon to keep it fitted on all corners. We struggled for years with it bunching up at the top and coming out on the sides. Now it stays tight! Simple, cheap fix and no more purchasing and refitting/tailoring the sheets.

  13. this is a great idea even with my sheets at home

  14. Brilliant idea! Never mind the boat, I’m forever stuffing up with our king sheet at home. I’m buying a permanent marker pen pronto.

  15. Agreed. Our custom sheets came with a label at the foot. It was a good enough idea that I duplicated the idea on the sets I made. Custom-fit sheets are definitely easier to make the bed with than conventional rectangular linens. There does seem to be a moment when levitation is required.

  16. Dawn Hendriex has a Patented method for bed making onboard

  17. I totally get this! I had cot & toddler sheets at home that were identical, until you tried making the beds with the wrong one! Once I labelled them with vivid marker it was so much easier! I’m still using a regular fitted sheet in our v-berth & it seems to fit any which way, phew!

  18. Clever…You are so smart Carolyn.

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