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The Boat GalleyOver 130,000 people read The Boat Galley each month.  Want to reach them?  Advertising on TBG starts at just $11 a month!

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If you have a product or service that would appeal to boaters, advertising on The Boat Galley precisely targets your audience:

  • Most readers presently own a 25′ to 45′ boat that can be slept aboard — either sail or power.
  • The majority of readers who don’t presently own a boat plan to buy one in the next two years.
  • Many are either preparing to cruise or in the midst of a refit.  They are actively looking for boats, gear and services!
  • Readers include those who live aboard, spend weekends aboard, trailer-sailors, part-year cruisers, full-time cruisers and circumnavigators — as well as those who are in the prep stages.
  • About 60% of readers are women and 40% men.  Most are age 45+.

The Boat Galley is different from most cruiser blogs, as it offers focused how-to information and real world equipment evaluation.  There are almost 1,000 articles on the site, with 3 or 4 new ones added every week.  The timeless nature of the older articles leads readers to link to them in forum discussions and on Facebook, where they attract new readers.

  • The Boat Galley ranks number 1 in Google for phrases such as “boat galley,” “cooking on a boat,” “boat kitchen,” “boat cookware” and 250 other terms related to cooking and living on a boat.  It’s in the all-important top 3 for over 900 phrases.
  • Over 130,000 people read The Boat Galley each month, spending an average of over 10 minutes on the site.  Over a quarter-million pageviews a month.  Readership and pageviews have more than doubled in the past year.
  • The Boat Galley has an active Facebook page, with over 8,0oo fans.
  • The Boat Galley’s e-newsletter has over 9,000 subscribers.

Advertising begins at just $11 a month for a 300 x 250 banner — and new advertisers get a shout out on TBG’s Facebook page and in the newsletter.

The Ads and Pricing

There are two advertising locations in the sidebar on the right.  Each advertising location is split between a set number of advertisers whose ads rotate equally in the location.  Each ad gets approximately 5000 views per month.

My plan is that I will not increase ad prices as readership rises. As readership grows, I’ll periodically increase the number of ads in the rotation, trying to keep each one getting around 5000 impressions per month.

Doing it this way allows me to do several things:

  • By having more than just 3 or 4 ads in rotation, I can offer low per-ad rates.  I understand the challenges that small businesses face — ad spots that cost $100 a month or more are just out of reach.
  • More ads in rotation also means less “ad blindless” among the daily readers — if they always see the same few ads, they don’t really register them after a while.  Counter-intuitive as it is, more ads actually means more awareness of each one.
  • Larger businesses can purchase several slots and use a different banner in each one.
  • By keeping ad prices constant per month, I can offer an auto-renew option through Paypal (note that Paypal calls this a subscription).  Of course, you can cancel at any time by cancelling the subscription in Paypal.

Locations and Rates

  • Sidebar top — this is the prime location and costs $13 a month
  • Sidebar middle — $11 a month

My Guarantee

If an ad does not get at least 4500 impressions in a month, I’ll make it up with some free additional placements the next month.  The free placements may or may not be in the same location as the paid ad.

A Few Things Before Purchasing an Ad

After purchase, you’ll get an email confirming the transaction, and you’ll get weekly emails telling how your ad is doing.  You can check on the stats more often, with a link that will come in the purchase confirmation — but please note that the stats are updated periodically during the day, not in real time.

Payments are processed through Paypal.  But you don’t have to have a Paypal account yourself — you can simply use your credit or debit card.  When you purchase an ad, you have the choice between making it a one-time buy or automatically renewing (called a “subscription” by Paypal).  Auto-renew ads will automatically renew until you cancel them, automatically billing your credit/debit card or Paypal account the same amount for whatever period you’ve selected.

When you buy, you’ll be given the opportunity to upload your banner right then.  And you can change the banner at any time while your ad is active.  To change the banner, use the same link as to view the stats for the ad.

If you don’t have a banner, you can have one made for as little as $5 on — I’ve used a couple of the highly-rated freelancers there and had good results (you can get them made elsewhere, too).  If you have some graphic design skills and appropriate software, you can also create the banner yourself.  Requirements:

  • 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high
  • Accepted formats include jpg, png, gif, animated gif, and swf

When you purchase an ad, you’ll notice that new advertisers and ads are “subject to review.”  Don’t worry!  As long as your ad/product isn’t x-rated, a scam, sleazy or otherwise totally inappropriate for The Boat Galley, I’m not into censorship.   But rather than hire a lawyer to come up with some long-winded description of what’s not appropriate, I’m just retaining the right to refuse an ad for any reason.

Ready to buy?  Or just see what’s available?   Let’s go! Click here to buy an ad space and upload your banner.

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