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Galley Gift Ideas

Last year, I put together a list of galley gifts and included pretty much everything that occurred to me. I got several comments that there was just too much good stuff to chose from!

So this year, I’m being more selective and arranging the list by price.  Links are to the article where I write about the item; each article has a link to buy it.

If you want more ideas, take a look at the Outfitting page — I like all the products listed there, these were simply chosen as being more “gift-ish” — either something that the recipient might not know about or might secretly lust for but not buy themselves!

Note — price groupings are approximate and can change slightly at the retailers’ whims.

Under $10 — Great gifts no matter what size boat someone has!

  • A Dishrag That Doesn’t Get Stinky! - These dish rags work better than any others I've used to get dishes clean, with the added bonus of just never smelling nasty. No need to use a fresh rag every day! One of the most popular items with TBG readers.
  • A Better Mixing “Spoon” - It's hard to find a good hand-mixing spoon. This funny-looking implement does a better job than any spoon I've had!
  • Silicone Spoon Spatula - I bought the Orka Silicone Spoon Spatula on a whim. It's turned into one of my favorite galley tools that I reach for constantly!
  • Best Plumbing Repair Tape: “Rescue Tape” - Got a leaky hose or pipe? Fuel line or heat exchanger split? How about a high pressure, hot or cold application? Need to waterproof an electrical connection? Repair a refrigeration tube? Mark anchor chain or rode?

 $10 to $25 — Friends and family will love these

The Boat Galley Cookbook  Okay, I’m prejudiced.  But with over 800 boat-friendly recipes and tips to make cooking aboard easier, it’s the one comprehensive galley guide everyone needs.  Lots of substitutions, recipes that can be made by hand and all the basic recipes that you wish you’d brought with you!

  • Dexas Chop and Scoop - I use my cutting board just all the time, and having one I really like makes chopping and slicing so much better. I've had this for a couple of months and LOVE it!
  • Stemless Wine Glasses - Looking for nice unbreakable stemless wine glasses that will fit in a standard drink holder? Look no further!
  • Staybowlizer - Ever wished you had a third hand as you're trying to hold a bowl, get ingredients and steady yourself? This nifty tool eliminates the need to hold the bowl!
  • Govino Unbreakable Wine Glasses - The GoVino wine glasses have their good points and bad points. Are they right for you?
  • Flashlights That Work When You Need Them To - Flashlights are critical gear on boats for finding what's in the back corner of the locker, checking where that strange noise is coming from and so much more. We went through a bunch before finding ones that just worked!
  • Vino2Go — a sippy cup for wine - Combining a sippy cup with an unbreakable wine glass, Vino2Go is another great wine glass option for boaters!
  • Twist Whisk - Like to use a whisk but trying to find a way to store it in a drawer? And what about getting it truly clean when washing by hand -- and not wanting to use 5 gallons of water? This ingenious design solves the problems!
  • The Gecko Grip - A great new non-slip non-tip product developed by a liveaboard . . . and equally useful ashore!
  • Insulated Mugs - A great vacuum-insulated mug will keep your coffee hot for hours, and won't leak even if you toss it in the bottom of the dinghy or the day pack.
  • A Great Fillet Knife - We just "lucked into" the best fillet knife I've ever used. Whether filleting fish, boning a chicken breast or turning a tenderloin into steaks, it's great!

$25 to $50 — Things they might not know exist

4-Way Wind Scoop — these move so much more air than a traditional wind scoop, yet few people are familiar with them.  Sold by Cruising Solutions at less than half the price of other retailers.

  • A Mixing Set to Save Precious Galley Space - Nest together your mixing bowls, strainer, colander AND measuring cups with this set that measures just under 9" x 9" x 4-1/2"
  • Manual Coffee Grinder - Want a great cup of coffee, but don't have the power for an electric coffee grinder? This manual coffee grinder works well and won't wear you out!
  • Provisioning by Dinghy - If you're taking groceries back to the boat by dinghy, you need to protect certain things (say, sugar) from getting wet. Here's how to do it!
  • Yoebi Wine Glass Holder - The Yoebi Stemware Holder turns any standard drink holder into a secure holder for your wine glass, martini glass, brandy snifter or other stemware.

$50 to $100 — Bigger ticket items that will be appreciated

Omnia Stove Top Oven — hands down, this is the best way to bake on the stove top if you don’t have a conventional oven.  A fantastic gift!

  • Little Buddy Heater - Oh, I wish I'd known about this -- and had one -- BEFORE the first cold snap!
  • Espresso on a Boat - Like espresso? Want it on the boat? There are several units that can work -- see which ones readers have recommended.
  • Provisioning Cooler - My provisioning cooler is my secret weapon in getting cold foods home without spoilage, even when it's HOT out!
  • Baking Stone - A baking stone can really help with oven hot spots. Here's what to look for when buying a baking stone particularly if you're going to use it in a boat oven.

Over $100 — WOW!

Engel Portable Refrigerator/Freezer — this is not a “cooler” but an actual refrigerator or freezer that runs on 12 volts and draws less power than most built-ins.  They are not cheap but are great if you’re looking to add refrigeration or if you need more space and don’t want to rebuild the whole galley.  I’ve literally never found an owner who didn’t rave about theirs!

Image of Magma Nonstick CookwareMagma Nestable 10-Piece Nesting Pan Sets — available in regular and non-stick.  High quality heavy stainless pans that can also be used in the oven and as mixing bowls.  Five pans, lids and detachable handles all nest together to store in just one-half cubic foot of space.


Tower Inflatable SUP — Okay, it’s not really a galley item but I love mine . . . and it’s a great example of why I like keeping things simple in the galley so I have plenty of time for all the fun stuff cruising has to offer (I also love snorkeling and hiking).

Enjoy the holidays and your gift choices!

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  1. Julie Birbeck says:

    Thanks for the great Xmas list, i’ve already told hubby he needs to buy me “The Boat Galley Cookbook”. I’m new to your blog/website and have really been enjoying your articles.

  2. I am anticipating the moment when we finally find “the boat”, and start the next chapter in our lives, as we sail away. I’m reading and learning all I can in the meantime. I was laughing to myself as I go from article to article, clicking on the Amazon link, and adding things to my cart. I think you should have a special link on Amazon with ALL of the items that you recommend, and then I could just buy it all at once. 🙂 Thank you for all the information you are providing, I’m sure that as I have more experience, I will find your advice invaluable.

  3. Hossein AndHolly Kashefipour on Facebook says:

    great! Thanks!!

  4. Looks like I will be doing some more shopping!

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