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Silicone trivets are lightweight, nonbreakable, nonskid and do an excellent job of protecting counters and tables!

When we first first moved aboard Que Tal, I didn’t realize the previous owners hadn’t left a trivet, and didn’t take one with me.  So for the first six months, I used dish towels and rags under my hot pans.  And, to be honest, while they did protect the counter and table, the rags weren’t really satisfactory.

Pans slid on towels, and heat went through them so that I had to have a thick pile for any dish I’d just taken out of the boat.  Still, when I looked for a trivet ashore, all I could find were tiles. We were in Mexico and they were very pretty, but not really practical for a boat:  heavy, breakable and pans were prone to slip on them — and the tiles would slide on the counter.

Then, while looking on Amazon before a trip back to the US, I found the solution:  silicone trivets.  They do an excellent job of heat protection, they are naturally non-skid, they’re lightweight, unbreakable, easy to keep clean (see some other trivets that are horrid to clean) and don’t make a sound in the cupboard.  And just for fun, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

I like the LeCreuset trivets, shown here, because of their ridged pattern that gives better air flow than the ones that are totally flat.

And in keeping with the cruiser policy of only having multi-purpose items aboard, the silicone trivets work for numerous things in the galley:

  • putting hot items on a counter or table
  • cooling racks for cookies, cakes and bread
  • non-slip surface under bowls or plates
  • the smaller ones also work as pot holders and jar grips
  • when stored, will pad other items

These are available in red, turqouise, white, blue, yellow and green in several different shapes on Amazon, which has the best prices I’ve found:

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  1. Waterwoman says:

    I have something similar, although they were called “spatter guards” for when you are cooking, say, bacon or anything that spatters. They can also be used to bake in the oven.

    Great idea for trivets, now they are very multi-use!

  2. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Those look good …. I have a silicon splatter screen that I really like and I have say a pot on it too so I know those trivets would work well. Have a good one.

  3. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Oops…sat NOT say! LOL

  4. I use the trivet/pot holder/non-skid square from Pampered Chef, and the Prepology Splatter Screen for larger items. Have them nestled between my pans for protection, too.

  5. Allan Cobb on Facebook says:

    They are also handy in the engine room for handling hot engine parts. I have some that I use to lay on the motor if it is hot and I need to lean on it while making repairs.

  6. Mich Myrick James on Facebook says:

    The ones from the dollar store work well too, they have little bumps for good air circulation . AND only cost a dollar!

  7. I’ve never seen them at our dollar store . . . but that’s great!

  8. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Cool! I love the engine room idea.

  9. Susan Parker says:

    I use silicone trivets under our can’s water dish. It holds it in place during the roughest weather without spilling a drop.

  10. Susan Parker says:

    oops, that should read cat’s water dish.

  11. Yes! I have one of those and love it…

  12. Oh I have those. I LOVE them. They are especially good when I serve from the pot to keep dishes to a minimum. And I opened a jar of olives with it just yesterday while the husband looked around for some other tool… 🙂

  13. I love my round Le Creuset ones! I sometimes use the small ones as coasters. I also have a few cheaper square ones. They work fine too, but the LC ones are cuter 🙂

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