Ever wished you had a third hand as you're trying to hold a bowl, get ingredients and steady yourself? This nifty tool eliminates the need to hold the bowl!


The Staybowlizer is another handy silicone tool for a boat galley.  Thanks to reader Renee Lindsay for pointing out to me!

It’s particularly useful for those who are planning longer passages where they are going to do more actual cooking and need to keep mixing bowls or serving bowls from sliding if no one is holding them.

It will also do double duty to make a pan and bowl into a double boiler and acts as a rattle-stopper between metal pans when stowed.

If you’ve ever been trying to fix a real meal while the boat is rolling some or worse, on a beat, you know that rule number one is to always keep a hand on the bowl when it’s on the counter.  But then you can’t have too many ingredients out either, as you have to have a hand on each of those.  So you end up holding the bowl with one hand and getting things out and putting them away with the other as locker doors swing and you try to keep your balance . . . since, of course, you don’t have a third hand to hold on with!

My solution was to stick the bowl in the sink, unless I had stuff in there (which I usually did), in which case I’d get a wet cloth and kind of wrap it around the bowl to keep it from moving.  And on more than one occasion, it tipped over anyway.

So how is the Staybowlizer different? It looks like it’s just a ring.  A little fancier than using a wet towel, but the same idea.

The difference is that if you put it on the counter “upside down,” and press the bowl or pan into it, it will create suction.  The dish won’t slide or tip!  (Must be on a nonporous surface — don’t expect this to work on a nonskid surface in the cockpit, for example.)

The Staybowlizer is 100% silicone, which is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Farenheit.  With that in mind, you can also use it as a no-movement trivet for hot pans, particularly saucepans.   Note though that it’s hard to get the suction to work on larger pans that sit on top of the Staybowlizer instead of being cradled down in it and actually makes things like a 9″ x 13″ pan tippy as they sit atop it — Gecko Grips work much better to stabilize larger flat pans.

The video below is very short and shows how it works.  I think you can translate the general concept to uses on a boat!  See below.

The Staybowlizer comes in six different colors.  You can buy it from:

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  • Helen Marie Stanfield Bell
    Posted at 22 November 2013 Reply

    Very cool…I use my sink to put my bowl in or extra ingredients to, that keeps things from running away….will have to look into this at Lee Valley

  • Jan Alexander
    Posted at 22 November 2013 Reply

    That looks slick. In professional kitchens we do fine by making a sort of nest out of a dish towel or two.

  • Rosemary Cunningham Charlton
    Posted at 22 November 2013 Reply

    love this idea. Very useful gadget.

  • Liz Davis
    Posted at 05 January 2014 Reply

    Great idea! I want one.

  • Marsha Dickgieser
    Posted at 28 October 2014 Reply

    I love when people have awesome ideas! !

  • Glenda Neild
    Posted at 28 October 2014 Reply

    This looks like our hand held fishing line holder, not sure that would hold the heat though!

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 29 October 2014 Reply

      It’s way more flexible than the similar-looking hand reel we have.

  • Candy Ann Williams
    Posted at 28 October 2014 Reply


  • Tony Gariepy
    Posted at 27 August 2015 Reply

    Nifty in the kitchen, especially on a boat!

  • Gimme Shelter
    Posted at 27 August 2015 Reply

    Ah, they reviewed this on America’s Test Kitchen on Sunday and said it was a must have! Recommended by my two most trusted sources I almost have to buy it. :).

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