Soda Can Lids & Straws

I saw these at the grocery store yesterday and had one of those moments where I wondered why I hadn’t seen them before.

Bees were a problem in a few of the anchorages we visited in the Sea of Cortez and I always worried about one getting into my can of soda or beer (a friend had one sting her multiple times in the mouth this way at a college football game and I’d been the one to take her to the ER, so it wasn’t a completely unfounded fear).

If I saw any bug as we were enjoying a drink in the cockpit, I’d firmly clamp my finger over the opening in the can whenever I wasn’t actually taking a sip.

soda-lid-strawIn other anchorages we had some other bugs that would try to get into cans, and it was always possible to get sand in a drink when sitting on the beach . . .

Over the years, I’ve seen can covers that have to be removed to drink from the can and a lid and straw combo that didn’t have a cap on the lid, so while it was better, I’d still sit there with my finger over the straw opening or get out a piece of aluminum foil to make a little cover.

These are perfect!  And at a cost of just under $3 for two, affordable.  A couple of notes:  they don’t make a leakproof seal, so a tipped can still has the possibility of spilling.

Cleaning can be a bit of a problem, as you have to get pop or beer out of the nooks and crevices.  I’ve found that swishing the straw and cap in warm water works well — a nail brush can help to get anything out of the groove in the lid.  While I haven’t needed anything more, I’m sure that a denture tablet in water would clean out any real gunk in the straw and cap (say if it got forgotten for a couple days).

I found the ones above just hanging by the canned juice (yeah, the covers and straws would be great for my juice in the morning too).  If you can’t find them where you are, Amazon sells them online (these are a little pricier and appear to be higher quality):

2015 Update: I just saw these on Amazon. Not only are they less expensive, they’d be perfect for beer (I hate sipping beer through a straw!):

Flip top can lids

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  • Nita Haas
    Posted at 04 December 2013 Reply

    Love, love, love all the great ideas I get from your posts. Thanks so much.

  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 06 December 2013 Reply

    What a great idea – never seen them!!

  • Connie
    Posted at 05 December 2013 Reply

    Great idea! Muffin cups work well too, and are disposable. Just turn them upside down and punch a hole in the middle.

  • Paul Schroder
    Posted at 05 December 2013 Reply

    There are many kinds of can covers out there and I have tried most of them. The snap on ones, with the brand name “Snap Capp”, are the best I have tested. The screw on lid will actually keep the carbonation in the drink.
    I have found that the snap on caps with a snap on/hinged lid are not useful for keeping the drink fresh but work very well at keeping unwanted items out of your drink. The cap also never gets misplaced or lost overboard. They are also much cheaper than the screw on cap variety.
    All that said, I like the way the snap on lids form a leak-proof seal and the screw on caps work the best at preserving the carbonation of your drink if you tend to use only partial cans as a mixer.

  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    Never had bees in my drink but wasps are definitely a worry.

  • Debbie Bailey-Laubacher
    Posted at 30 June 2015 Reply

    Piece of napkin usually works for me! 🙂

  • Janet Lettrich
    Posted at 01 July 2015 Reply

    Good idea – if an allergic person stung in the throat it can turn into a life threatening situation. The throat can swell closed, obstructing the airway.

  • R Ebitz
    Posted at 16 June 2017 Reply

    Check out a thing called a Bug Not drink protector. It works on most things then when you turn it over it works on beer and soda cans. Even when you’re on a rough surface they stay on.

    Should it ever go overboard you can find it, it floats.

    Been using them for a long time, there neat.

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