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Another great idea for drying dishes . . . AND a place to set hot pans where they won't slip and slide, all rolled into one. Better yet, it's not expensive!

Here’s a nifty dish drying pad . . . which doubles as a non-slip hot pad for pans!  Many thanks to Belinda Wolfe, aboard Rickshaw, for sharing this. (UPDATE: I have THREE of these on Barefoot Gal — one of my first purchases after we bought the boat — and love them!)

I absolutely love this idea!  Here’s what Belinda said; her photos are at the bottom of this post.

Here is a product I really love.  As with most cruisers/boaters I want products that serve more than one purpose.  This one does. It is an OXO drying mat/hot pad.  

I have two – one on each side of my sink.  A small one that is next to my drain rack that I use to drain glasses and a large one between my sink and my cook top.  That one I use to set dirty dishes.  The beauty of it is that any water that drips off those wet dishes, or anything else wet that I set down –  like frozen food, the water stays on the mat.  Since all boats list, even those at dock, this mat keeps the water corralled.  It keeps the water from running back in the corner or under the stove rim.  And when I take a hot pan off the stove I can put it on the mat.  It  is easy to clean and it can be dried quickly with a towel – unlike a cloth drying mat.

The silicone is naturally non slip — good for both dishes and hot pans — and is heat-resistant to 425° F.  They clean easily, too — I find that a nail brush works well if any “gunk” gets around the ribs.

The OXO mats come in three sizes and are available on Amazon.  All are a medium gray as shown in Belinda’s photos below:

In reading reviews, I find two comments over and over.  First, people like these over other silicone drying mats because there is a continuous lip around the outside, so water doesn’t spill off the side as on some other brands (Belinda also loved this feature).  Second, even the “large” mat is fairly small.  While this might be a complaint for home use, it’s usually a positive for a boat galley!

Another great idea for drying dishes . . . AND a place to set hot pans where they won't slip and slide, all rolled into one. Better yet, it's not expensive!

Another great idea for drying dishes . . . AND a place to set hot pans where they won't slip and slide, all rolled into one. Better yet, it's not expensive!

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  1. I want one

  2. Bob Kellett says:

    This is my favorite website that is emailed automatically to me. I learn something new with each posting. I also love and use your fantastic cookbook! Thank you so. Happy Holidays!

  3. Great for the galley or home. I get so many ideas from you it makes my head spin sometimes.

  4. Janice Sterling says:

    I’m curious if it molds.

  5. No more so than any other dish mat — you do have to dump the water periodically and occasionally give it a wash, just like the mat under a drainer.

  6. That is what we have on all our boats! Described it on another post about pot holders thinking I was sharing something new with you but of course you already knew!!

  7. I have two on our Hunter e33,love them!

  8. Aloha Carolyn and Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to let you know, and to thank you for what Iʻve learned from you over the past couple of years. Iʻve bought a number of your suggestions with excellent result. I admit that Iʻm not a sailor but am working toward living in a Tiny House. I pass on your recommendations and observations to others in my Tiny House People group. Thanks again for sharing what you learn! If you can make it work on a boat, we can certainly make it work in our small spaces as well.

  9. There is also a sample of in sink dish drainers from ‘Chef’n dish garden ‘ on the web. The round dish drainer would fit boat sinks and one drainer for the bench top looks like plastic grass and has multiple ‘spikes’ to hold dishes while underway.

  10. Feliz Navidad
    Can’t wait to get one when we go back to the USA. Love your site,thanks!

  11. This IS a perfect product! Thx

  12. Purchased one based on your recommendation and we are really happy with it. Works great! Thanks.

  13. I like the article. The site menus are a different story, as they get a bit intrusive in Safari on an iPhone 5c.

  14. I had a couple other comments on that and will work on getting one that’s a single line that you can tap on to expand. Thanks for sharing and the screeen shots — for now, I’ll disable it on the smaller screens. I have Android and it looks a bit different on mine.

  15. Hilary Carney Badoian

  16. I have one that started on our 4 month cruise North (Alaska) Drain dinner dishes, place on the table before serving pizza right out of the oven. On deck to protect from wine spills. It is my goto sailors gift. Got mine at Lowes!

  17. I saw this in the photo of another article you posted and had to track it down immediately! It arrives tomorrow! Got the XXL black one :D.

    Might get a couple more smaller ones too!

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