Reusable silicone covers for partially-used cans, leftovers and food storage provide a better seal to keep food fresh, plus use less foil and plastic wrap.

Reusable Silicone Covers

How do you cover leftovers on the boat?

The Problem

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap have their problems: the space they take up and the fact that it’s almost impossible to reuse either, so you have more trash. And they’re usually packaged in cardboard. In foreign countries, both can be expensive . . . leading  you to carry more rolls with you from places where they’re cheaper.

You can put the food into a plastic container with an airtight lid . . . but then  you have an extra container to wash. If you’re trying to conserve water, that’s a problem.

Or you can put the original container inside a Ziploc – but it doesn’t always fit, and then you have to wash the Ziploc if you want to re-use it (and if you don’t reuse it, it’s no better than using the aluminum foil or plastic wrap).

I recently found a better solution!

The Solution: Silicone Covers

I picked up a package of these reusable silicone covers at the Annapolis Boat Show. I also misplaced them when I got back to the boat, so I ordered another set (different brand) from Amazon and then promptly found the first set.

While they haven’t totally replaced aluminum foil and plastic leftovers containers, they’ve cut down on those by probably 90%.

The silicone covers are round and very stretchy, so they’ll fit on either a round or square container. They don’t work very well on rectangular pans – that’s where I still have to use foil or plastic wrap.

Use a lot less aluminum foil and plastic wrap with these reusable silicone covers

For a round container, choose one that’s a little smaller than the diameter of the can or bowl and stretch it over the top. For square containers, choose one that is nearly the same diameter as the width of the pan, put it over two corners and stretch to fit over the other two. Because it stretches to fit, these covers do not work well on the disposable foil pans – they bend and collapse as you try to stretch the lid.

To get the best seal, wipe off the top and outer edge of the container. I usually don’t bother to, unless the cover just isn’t staying on. The only other “trick” is to make sure that it’s right side out – the two sides look very similar and it’s easy to get it inside out. A close look or running your finger over the surface  reveals which way it really folds and yes, that’s usually the problem if it’s sliding off a bit (there are ribs on the inside to help it stay in place).

Use a lot less aluminum foil and plastic wrap with these reusable silicone covers

You can also use them to cover hard fruits and vegetables that have a cut surface. I’ve used them on both onions and oranges. Don’t use them on soft foods that will bruise easily, such as apples or avocados.

Use a lot less aluminum foil and plastic wrap with these reusable silicone covers

They wash up easily by hand – far easier than trying to get gunk out of the corners of Ziplocs to reuse them.

What Covers Work Best?

Okay, so what set to buy? I find that I use the small covers far more than the large size ones, and I often need several at the same time. So a set that has multiple small ones is a plus for me. And while the two sets that I have look to be identical except for one being clear and one blue, the clear one is actually a stretchier silicone (seems to be slightly thinner) and is therefore easier to use.

Here’s the clear set that I got on Amazon, with 8 covers (six different sizes – the two smallest sizes have two each). It works well and I’ve been able to find a cover for any bowl that I use.

They also make a “small sizes” package with four each of the two smallest sizes – these work well on standard can sizes as well as onions and typical dog food containers (they fit perfectly on the small Cesar packages). Same link, above.

NOTE: The blue set that I got are “Kitchen+Home” brand. There’s nothing wrong with them; I simply like the clear, thinner ones as being easier to put on – not to mention the fact that they were a couple of dollars cheaper than the blue ones!

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  • Helen Bell
    Posted at 14 December 2015 Reply

    Can u post a link here, for the lids, please..i cant get into the other site

  • Sonjashootingstar Wells
    Posted at 14 December 2015 Reply

    Oh man, I have been looking for something like this forever! Bookmarked and Pinned, thank you 🙂

  • Brenda Greene
    Posted at 14 December 2015 Reply

    We ordered two sets and love the idea if less plastic wrap. Does anyone have a trick for when the bowls are condensing and you can’t get the edges dry?

    • Delightful Premium
      Posted at 21 December 2015 Reply

      Yea, this is a tricky one. Can you elaborate more as to why the bowls are condensing in your situation? I mean, do you have hot food in the bowl?

      So, what is happening here is a buildup of upwards pressure, and the lid slips off? If the bowl had more of an edge, the Silicone Lid would grab on to it more, and would have harder time to slip off.

  • Paula Spence, M/Y Sea Eagle
    Posted at 15 December 2015 Reply

    My BBF (Best Boater Friend) gave me a set of these last year for Christmas. I love them!

  • Beth Browne
    Posted at 15 December 2015 Reply

    Wow, these look great! I wonder, will they seal tightly enough to keep canned milk from spilling in the fridge under way? What if the can tips?

    Thanks so much for all these great tips!

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 15 December 2015 Reply

      They’ve kept the juice from spilling out of an open olive can — but I had it wedged in pretty well and we’re on a cat. I’ve always put true liquids in a container with a gasketed and latching lid, or a screw top bottle that has a gasket. So in other words, I don’t know — I think they’ll prevent splashes but won’t stop a leak if the can totally tips over.

    • Delightful Premium
      Posted at 21 December 2015 Reply

      Hey Beth!

      You know, I did a test where I had water in a glass. The outside of the glass was dry and so was the lid. I put the lid on the glass, and turned the glass upside down. No leakage. I could even shake the thing, and the lid was still on there pretty well.

      Now, granted the glass is most likely smaller than what you keep your milk in. Still, I just wanted to share that experiment. I’m sure if it was like a huge container with room for more liquid, the weight of that could potentially press the lid down so it falls out. It also depends on if the lid has something grab on to or not with the tension around the opening.

  • Sandy Troff
    Posted at 16 December 2015 Reply

    I use these and they are wonderful!

  • Rachel Roy Smith
    Posted at 12 February 2017 Reply

    love this, thank you!

  • Sarah Burnham Swett
    Posted at 12 February 2017 Reply

    Once again, your topics are some of the most useful information out there! Thanks

  • Diana K Weigel
    Posted at 12 February 2017 Reply

    I have never heard of these. Thank you

  • Kathy Orr
    Posted at 14 February 2017 Reply

    I saw these at the Annapolis Boat Show, and then found some cheaper on Amazon. They’re wonderful!

  • Jean Vento-Ireland
    Posted at 14 February 2017 Reply

    Where can we find these?

  • Dana Serafine
    Posted at 05 June 2017 Reply

    I thought it was dangerous to keep food in opened cans

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 05 June 2017 Reply

      Most sources that I read say that it’s okay despite what you may have learned as a child (most cans now have plastic liners and no longer have lead) but we generally use food up the next day. Remember how long that food has been in that can before you opened it!

  • Lester Griffith
    Posted at 05 June 2017 Reply

    I’ve had trouble getting the larger one to seal after a few uses no matter how clean the container or cover.

  • Michelle Jacques
    Posted at 06 June 2017 Reply

    I bought 2 sets and couldn’t get them to seal so threw them all out.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 06 June 2017 Reply

      I’m really surprised at that. You have to be careful to wipe the rim of the can or dish off, but as long as I’ve done that (and not selected a too-small cover) I’ve had good results.

  • Pamela Dakin Harwood
    Posted at 06 June 2017 Reply

    Another option to these lids is Bee’s Wrap

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