Need a RayMarine/Raytheon or Autohelm instrument or autopilot repaired? Dan Gerhardt can repair many items that companies say can't be fixed

Raymarine Instrument Repair

Need a RayMarine/Raytheon or Autohelm instrument or autopilot repaired? I have some good news for you . . .

Our Raymarine ST60 Tri Data display was shot. The center of the LCD had darkened almost completely — it got even worse than in the photo above — to the point where it was tough to see the depth and impossible to see the speed.

We contacted several Raymarine dealers and the answer was the same “Sorry, but we don’t repair those. But I can sell you a new display that will work with your existing wiring.” Price? Generally over $600 (even at Defender on their boat show sale, the display was almost $500).


So I turned to the internet. eBay had the answer: a guy sold replacement LCD displays and, if you didn’t want to attempt the very fine soldering to install it, you could send him your display and he’d install it for free. Cost? $139 plus shipping both ways (it totalled about $160 with postage).

This sounded much, much better!

I contacted the man and found out that his name is Dan Gerhardt. I sent Dan our display and a couple of days later he sent me a picture of it with the new LCD . . . and told me that he’d discovered that the buttons weren’t working well, so he’d replaced them too – free. He then set up a special eBay “item” for the work and gave me the item number. I plugged that into the eBay search bar, bought it and paid. A couple of days later, I had the display back and it works beautifully!

Dan and I emailed back and forth a few more times as we also have a Raymarine wind instrument that does not work properly – we think it needs new bearings, but again the Raymarine dealers can’t repair it (but they’ll sell me a new one for $350). Turns out he works on those, too. We’ll be taking ours down as part of our rigging project and will send it off to him – he says if it’s the bearings, it’s $99 plus shipping; if it needs other work, he’ll let us know. (These prices are as of October 2016.)

Dan gave me permission to share his info here on The Boat Galley. He told me, “I buy, sell, repair mostly autopilots, some instruments, Raymarine/Autohelm/Raytheon only.” He has great feedback from satisfied customers on eBay (see it here – 5 stars in every category and all positive reviews — obviously part of why I felt comfortable sending our gear off to him).

Dan doesn’t always have “for sale” listings on eBay but if you send him an email, you can work something out. Be sure to tell him brand, model and the type of problem that you’re having.

I created a contact form for Dan below because if I just put his address out there, he’ll drown in spam. Your note goes only to Dan (I don’t see a copy) and you deal directly with each other — I’m not a middle man! If you need to send a picture, you can do so after he replies to you.

I highly recommend Dan – I’d much rather repair gear than replace it! NOTE: I have no connection to him other than as an extremely satisfied customer.

Need a RayMarine/Raytheon or Autohelm instrument or autopilot repaired? Dan Gerhardt can repair many items that companies say can't be fixed

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  • Rosalind Franks
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    This is great info. We have a wind speed display that could use some help. Thanks for sharing!

  • LisaMarie Gauci Takacs
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Great info, as always. Thanks! Kent Takacs

  • Stacey On SV Smitty
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Wow! Good to know. Thank you.

  • Wes on Natamus
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Dan repaired my ST5000 autopilot to great satisfaction. We’re very happy with it.

  • Scott Leclerc
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Lyndon Greene

  • Eric Parker
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Good article. I just did this with a dodgy GPS receiver. Different ebay seller however.

  • Ritchard Findlay
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Great info – thanks.

  • Terri
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    We had the same problem with our ST5000 autopilot. We finally found a place online to buy a replacement. It was not a hard to replace. We can finally see the numbers. Hurray!!!!!

  • Mike on Last Tango
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    When my autopilot quit working last year the initial suggestions were to replace it for about $4,000. One person gave me Dan’s contact info and suggested that I call him. I sent him my Raymarine S3 course computer. After receiving it he said that he could repair it, given time, or he would sell me a newer refurbished S3G (gyro version) course computer for $550. I went with the S3G, it was a simple replacement and is still working today!

  • Jody Pountain
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    just what we need!! thank you!!!

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

      I am SO glad I found him! Took numerous tries on Google to get the right words . . .

  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 13 October 2016 Reply

    Great information. We have several instruments that have got screen issues. Be great to get them repaired rather than buying a new one.

  • Donna Delahanty Guzman
    Posted at 14 October 2016 Reply

    Good information to know.

  • John Ferrell
    Posted at 15 October 2016 Reply

    If your RayMarine Chart Plotter is losing position and takes more than a few seconds to find its position when you start it up, it can be fixed for about 50 cents. Ray Marine representatives may tell you to replace the gps unit on the deck of your boat (The little round thing with the blinking light) for around $200.00. There is a CR2032 3V Lithium battery in there that is easy to replace and costs about 50 cents. That is the same battery you will find in the key bob for your car. I have “Fixed 4 boats”. I learned about this at –

  • Tom
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    Dan is also good for selling parts and giving good advice. Real gentleman.

  • Dan Larson
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    Thank you so much Carolyn. I have used many of your tips before but this is the one that causes me to reply. As you and many others have experienced, when I have approached Raymarine with a problem with my 2005 vintage instruments, all the want to do is up-sell me with their newest and greatest and do not support their older equipment. Dan will be an excellent contact for me. Thanks again.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 18 October 2016 Reply

      Dan just wrote me yesterday about the number of people who have contacted him so it seems to be a common problem. I know we were thrilled to have found his services and I’m glad to be playing matchmaker with everyone else!

  • Joe Engoglia
    Posted at 18 October 2016 Reply

    Thanks Caroyln, I am doing a retro fit next year and was going to replace the electronics with new in that Raymarine said they did not have replacement parts. So we will give Dan a try. Regards…Joe Engoglia S/V Unitask Leopard 38

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 18 October 2016 Reply

      Great — hope it works out as it will be a huge savings for you!

  • Rhonda Decker
    Posted at 22 November 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the recommendation! We purchased our “new to us” Hunter 340 earlier this year and had already replaced the LCD on our circa 2000 ST5000 when it lost connection with the drive. I was so disappointed…then I saw this post and contacted Dan. He responded immediately saying he thought it was repairable; turnaround was only 2 days and it works like new! He not only repaired the burned out transistor, he also upgraded 2 other transistors (that use less power) for no extra charge. I’m a VERY satisfied customer and highly recommend Dan!

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 22 November 2016 Reply

      WOO-HOO! So happy to hear! I love hearing all the stories of what’s been able to be saved . . .

  • tom jessop
    Posted at 12 January 2017 Reply

    On the advice from this site, I contacted Dan Gerhart using the form on the site, to replace the blackened LCD displays on my Ray Marine Tridata and 4200s Auto pilot. He responded immediately.I sent him the parts and a check and he repaired them and sent them right back. I just finished installing them and all is sweet. I recommend Dan without reservation.
    Tom Jessop, Gemini Catamaran, #800, S/V TRINITY

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 12 January 2017 Reply

      Glad to hear it — it’s so great to spread the word about Dan because it seems that no one else does this type of work, and he does it so well and so reliabily!

  • Gerton Westerop
    Posted at 02 March 2017 Reply

    I have used Dan twice for my ST5000 autopilot head computer. First time He sent me a replacement screen that I put in myself. It stopped working after a couple of times. Dan asked me to send the whole unit to him and he would send me a replacement unit.That unit is still working as a charm.
    Very good services, very reliable guy.

  • Lynndon Harnell
    Posted at 17 August 2017 Reply

    Not a Raymarine but Navman 3150 autopilot display that has browned out still works fine except you cant see the numbers. Any suggestions?

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 17 August 2017 Reply

      Send a note to Dan using the form — he may have an idea for you or be able to do a repair.

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