The Luci is a great solar light, but sometimes the original one is just too bright!

Luci Lux & Luci Aura

About a month ago I wrote about cleaning up our Luci light and putting our name on it in case it ever blew away. I guess I jinxed us!

Just a few days later, when we were in Ft. Myers, somehow the PVC holding the Luci as our dinghy light broke apart as we dinghied to shore. When we came back to the dinghy dock — luckily just before sunset — we noticed that the piece holding the light and the Luci were gone. We looked but it had been several hours and we never found it.

While we weren’t very happy about this, it did give us a chance to improve our cockpit Luci Light. We loved the original Luci, and it make a great bright dinghy light, but frankly it was on the “overly bright” side for use in the cockpit. It could make it feel like we were in an operating room!

The original Luci light has a clear plastic shell — great for putting out a lot of light. Now they have two models — the Lux and the Aura — with frosted shells.

Luci Aura on left and the original Luci on right:

Luci Aura on left and the original Luci on right

Luci colorsBoth the Lux and the Aura are a softer light. The Lux is white only, while the Aura has a total of 7 colors plus white and a changing mode — that is, you can set it to any of the colors or white, or you can set it to cycle through all the colors (see colors in picture).

Both are solar powered, with an on/off switch (no photocell). A day’s solar charge lasts about 8 hours — we’ve actually never had one run out of juice in the amount of time we’ve had it on in an evening, so I can’t say exactly how long it will last.

All have straps on the top and bottom for hanging — we find it’s best to attach them with cable ties as they don’t blow off . . . unless you lose what they’re attached to, as was the case with our dinghy light.

We took the original from the cockpit for the dinghy light, and bought an Aura for the cockpit. We love it! Any of the frosted colors is fine for when we’re eating or sitting and talking with friends — it puts out enough light to see by without being too bright. And the colors are a fun way to mark your boat in a crowded anchorage (we love it coming back to the boat after dark — just look for, say, the purple light). The colors are also good to coordinate with seasons or holidays — orange for Halloween or Thanksgiving, red and green for Christmas, etc.

Most marine, RV and outdoors stores sell the Luci lights. Best prices are usually on Amazon — see all three models here:

Note: they show an “original” and “outdoor” version that look identical. The company website says that they are the same, just that the “outdoor” one is packaged for the outdoor enthusiast. In other words, no practical difference.

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  • Mike McIntosh
    Posted at 03 December 2015 Reply

    We love our Luci Light. I made a shade for it our of some thin white fabric. It slips around the light and allows plenty of light through it but its a lot softer light. If looking up from an angle at it you do not see the bright LED’s in your eyes. There is no cover on the bottom so the bright light shines downward and soft light shines through the shade side to side.

  • Diana K Weigel
    Posted at 03 December 2015 Reply

    Love my Luci light!

  • Jan Bogart
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    Out of stock

    • Vanita VanFleet Fowden
      Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

      Look down below under “sponsored products related to this item” and you’ll see them. Pictured as purple. Looks like the same one.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

      It is the same one, and I just changed the link. I hate it when that happens! Here’s the link to it:

  • Lynn Duggan
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    I just love ours! We have the frosted and am thinking of getting a bunch for Christmas presents. They now have one that downloads music.. Love that. Saw it at the Nap town boat show… Should have bought it.

  • Lynn Cryer Duggan
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    Oh no ! Want one… Now they have one you can download music

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

      We just got one with a Bluetooth speaker from Cruising Solutions — it’s their own brand: see it here Is the one you saw?

  • Ellen White
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    I just ordered. Should I have seen a mention of you? Hope you get the credit.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

      Nope, it happens automagically. Thanks for asking, though — no extra cost to you but keeps TBG going!

  • Lewis Sipfher
    Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

    Our Luci is also the dinghy light

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 17 October 2016 Reply

      We have one of the original bright ones for the dinghy and a softer one for the cockpit.

  • Vinny Koi
    Posted at 18 October 2016 Reply

    We have the softer one for the cockpit brighter one for the galley love them

    • Wendy Garrison
      Posted at 18 October 2016 Reply

      I have those and the multi colored one. Lol I got carried away. I love that it will stay one constant color or run thru them all.

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