Looking at Online Boat Listings (BR Podcast 2)

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2016 • all rights reserved

There are thousands (millions?) of online listings of boats for sale. How do you ever choose which ones are worth looking at? Listen in and find out!Starting to look at boats for sale? There are thousands out there, most listed on sites such as YachtWorld.com, SailboatListings.com, Craigslist and more.

There are so many choices, it can be totally overwhelming. How do you wade through them and narrow it down to a manageable number to look at in person?

Here, in my second podcast for Boat Radio, I discuss how we did it when buying our first cruising boat, Que Tal, and more recently in buying our current boat, Barefoot Gal.

Not enough bandwidth to listen? Read Boat Shopping.

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  1. Can’t wait to tune into your podcasts, Carolyn!

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