Looking at Boats in Person (BR Podcast 3)

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What do you need to do to prepare for the initial inspection of a boat you're looking at? And what should you be sure to do once you're there? Listen in!
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Looking at Boats in Person (BR Podcast 3)

Found a boat that sounds like it might be right for you? Planning to go see it — or several?

What do you need to do to prepare for the initial inspection? And what should you be sure to do once you’re there?

Just as with buying a house, there are lots of things to look at and it can be overwhelming. My tips for getting the most out of looking at boats in person.

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  • Claire
    Posted at 10 August 2016 Reply

    Thanks, Carolyn. We’re in Florida as I type to look at 3 boats in Ft. Myers and Ft. Lauderdale. Already one disappointment in Sarasota. Even though the broker knew we were driving in from Texas, and his clients also knew we were coming, the clients decided to take the boat out today. I had given a 1 hour window of our arrival, so the broker was left with egg on his face. I hope he drops the client after giving them a stern lecture on trust.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 11 August 2016 Reply

      That is horrible! Tells me they really don’t want to sell . . . and would be hard to deal with if you did try to buy it. Certainly hope that one of the others turns out to be your dream boat!

  • Scott Vincent-Barwood
    Posted at 17 August 2016 Reply

    Hello Carolyn,
    I read and enjoy your newsletters – great information.
    I see from one of your pictures that you are on a Gemini 105M. I believe that is the older model that has a single drive on it. One that looks like a giant outboard with an extended shaft on it.
    I’m interested to hear what you guys think of this arrangement? Have you had any problems with it ? how is the handling ?
    My Fiance and I have narrowed our search to the GEMINI line, preferably the LEGACY 35’S. I like the idea of two inboard engines myself but there is a huge price difference between the 105’s and the 35’s ,,,,,
    Safe travels,

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 17 August 2016 Reply

      The other big difference is that the 105’s (both M’s and MC’s) have centerboards and the Legacy has skegs. Part of the price difference between the 105 and the Legacy is the age of the boat, too. We are very happy with the 105M, but everybody’s idea of the perfect boat is different. I wrote a post about some of the reasons we like the Gemini, maybe it will help you: Thoughts on Our Gemini Catamaran

  • Karl
    Posted at 18 August 2016 Reply

    trying to search your site for “boat comparison” to find the spreadsheet you mentioned in your podcast. However, I don’t get any search results, no matter what criteria I use. What am I doing wrong?

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