Love with a Chance of Drowning

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

Love-with-ChanceI just finished Love with a Chance of Drowning and love it!  Had to recommend it here . . .

Basically, it’s the story of a girl — who is terrified of water — that meets Mr. Wonderful.  Well, wonderful except that he is planning to sail across the Pacific and wants her to go along. That involves water.  So she has a choice:  suck it up, face her fears dead on and go on the adventure of a lifetime or always wonder about what it would have been like had she said yes.

Well, there wouldn’t have been a book if she said “forget it” so you know which one she chose.  I’m not going to spoil the story with further details, other than to say it’s Torre’s true story.  It deals honestly with what happens when you go WAY outside your comfort zone and have a spectacular adventure. Yeah, there are some not-so-spectacular moments and times you’ll find yourself laughing out loud.  And (I don’t think this is really a spoiler) you might learn what not to leave in the galley when you leave the boat for a few months in the tropics.

I’ll just leave you with Torre’s trailer and say that the book is great . . . whether or not you have a fear of water or ever think you might cross an ocean.

It’s available in print from Amazon and others, as well as in all the popular e-formats:  Kindle, Nook and iTunes.  And I just heard that it may be made into a movie!

Full disclosure:  I was given a review copy . . . but I would have bought it!

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  1. Kelly Jennings on Facebook says:

    It’s a great book even if you don’t sail!! She is such a witty writer.

  2. Thanks,Carolyn.

    I will definitely get this as I, too, have a fear of drowning, deep water, etc.
    Fell in love with my now husband four and a half years ago. He had no
    boat then. Long story – but here we are with a 40′ ketch getting ready to
    sail around the world starting this summer. LOL

  3. I read that last month… GREAT book!:)

  4. I just read it too..I agree its good. I am also afraid of the water and going to live on a boat that’s why I got the book.

  5. Thank you! I needed a new book to read tonight. I am to chapter 5 already and am enjoying it. I can relate, as we are getting ready to leave in May and I have little experience like her. So far my favorite quote “You’ll never regret it. Just go”

  6. Loved that book.

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