Eating Street Food (BR Podcast 42)

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Food carts and street food -- part of the travel experience. What's safe to eat and what's not?
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Eating Street Food (BR Podcast 42)

Sampling the local food is a wonderful part of traveling. And food carts and street food abound — but is the food safe or likely to make you sick?

More than once, tourists have come up to us as we’re getting food from a cart and said something along the lines of “don’t you know you shouldn’t eat that?”

Well, we’ve eaten from street carts not just in the US, but around the world: Mexico, Japan, Turkey, and all through Africa, South America, and Central America. The food is delicious and we’ve never gotten sick.

And we’re not alone . . . most cruisers eat street food and even have their favorite stands.

Listen in for the simple precautions we take when choosing where we eat . . .

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  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 04 August 2017 Reply

    Eating local street food is one of the best things about travelling, although there are some rules, like always eat it freshly cooked and hot. Anything lying around in a cart you leave alone. Dont eat salads either.

  • Peg Dixon
    Posted at 04 August 2017 Reply

    Sometimes, you just gotta do it!! 😀

  • Paul Colbert
    Posted at 05 August 2017 Reply

    The trick to eating street food is to eat at a busy place where the locals eat and if anything at all doesn’t look, smell or taste right to you then just walk away even if you’ve already paid and then realize there is a problem.

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