I use my cutting board just all the time, and having one I really like makes chopping and slicing so much better. I've had this for a couple of months and LOVE it!

Dexas Chop and Scoop

Another great cutting board — I think I like this the best of any I’ve ever owned! Which isn’t to say I don’t also like my OXO one that I wrote about here, just that I like this one even better.

Recently, my “second” cutting board (not the OXO) broke in two after nearly 20 years of use and abuse on a lot of camping trips.  I had seen the Dexas when a friend brought it to a function at our sailing club, and decided to get one for myself.

Reasons I like it:

  • The shape is great for sliding foods off the cutting board right into a skillet.  I don’t spill nearly as often!
  • The rounded-up edges also do a better job of containing juices (think ripe tomatoes or meat).  Great on a boat that moves!
  • I use my cutting board just all the time, and having one I really like makes chopping and slicing so much better. I've had this for a couple of months and LOVE it!Non-slip on the bottom (see photo at right).  It doesn’t slide on the counter, even when I’m not holding it.
  • The material doesn’t dull my knives and it’s very easy to clean.
  • Bleach solution doesn’t hurt it (I spray my cutting board with bleach solution after using it to disinfect it.)
  • LOVE the handle on the end — makes it really easy to hold and lift with food on it.
About the only disadvantage that I’ve found so far is that it takes a little more storage space than a totally flat board such as the Oxo.  The Dexas Chop and Scoop comes in three sizes — I had the 11 by 15 when living ashore and found it a really good size, but check both your counter and storage space.  Available on Amazon:

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  • Rusty
    Posted at 26 March 2014 Reply

    Great looking product! To any of your readers in the Houston area, I just bought one at my local HEB Grocery after reading your review.

  • Barbara Lowell
    Posted at 27 March 2014 Reply

    This looks great but too much stuff in my cabinets already. I use the flexible ones, 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree, when they get nasty I throw them away. I cut one in half for little jobs. But oh oh they do drip juice if not real careful. I always sound like a walking ad for Dollar Tree because I live on social security and every penny counts. I would love to be in a different income bracket, but I just had to retire, the corporate world made me live on adrenalin. Thanx so much for your wonderful postings. I love you!

  • Vala
    Posted at 27 March 2014 Reply

    can’t believe it – I’ve got the same cutting board! Our galley was so small that I found myself sitting at the table to chop veggies. I got tired of juices dripping and veggie pieces escaping off my flat board onto the table – the lip on this board really solved that problem. The handle makes it very easy to pick up the full cutting board and cross to the stove without spilling even more onto the floor – especially when the boat’s moving. It’s one of those ‘so valuable’ items I wouldn’t dream of sailing without even if I have to make room for it!

  • Becky Croston
    Posted at 23 July 2014 Reply

    I made some out of milk jugs! Cut like the above one, leaving the cap at the end for a handle. Cut with scissors, leaving a taper on each side, tapering down to no lip at the wide end. Store nicely! (Alas they have no nonskid tho…)

    • Barbara Lowell
      Posted at 24 July 2014 Reply

      what a great idea …. actually you could add non skid by buying those adhesive backed grip pads that come in handy for lots of things … I got some in one of the Dollar stores which I haunt for ideas to make my life better and easier. I do notice that the flat ones spill out contents easily. This is a fun idea to try, clever you!

      • Becky Croston
        Posted at 15 April 2015 Reply

        I cut several from milk jugs. They stack easy, and I can chop several food items for ..say…omlets, having them ready to dump in when I’m ready for them. I like your non skid idea, Barbara!

        • Claire Ford
          Posted at 16 April 2015 Reply

          Becky Croston, can you include a picture of the milk jug scoop. I know my “boards” will wear out quickly, and I want to be able to cut one out like you’ve described. Thanks.

  • Diana K Weigel
    Posted at 15 April 2015 Reply

    Such a great idea

  • Nicki Pendergast
    Posted at 15 April 2015 Reply

    I have a red one! Use it almost daily, also works as a serving tray. Bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They also had blue.

  • Emmie Richmond
    Posted at 07 April 2016 Reply

    Love mine too! I often wind up cutting veggies at the table and got tired of juices running off the flat boards, this works great to keep it all contained. Found one with a red handle, so use the red for cutting meat and the black handle for veggies

  • Sonjashootingstar Wells
    Posted at 07 April 2016 Reply

    Got it wish listed, thanks again!

  • Dave Skolnick
    Posted at 08 April 2016 Reply

    Hmm – curved surfaces can make slicing and chopping awkward. I’m not impressed. I’ll stick with my old fashioned flat, wood cutting boards with grooves.

    Regardless, rather than scrape your food into a pan or bowl with the cutting edge of your knife, use the spine.

  • Evan Wright
    Posted at 22 April 2016 Reply

    I agree with Dave Skolnick, but I have a solution: Joseph Joseph makes a silicon “hinged” cutting board, called “Chop2Pot” which lays and stores flat. After you chop your veggies (or whatever), squeeze the handle and the edges come up forming a scoop. Shop around for best prices (Williams Sonoma is having a sale as of this post). And, yes, as Dave sez– never use your knife to scrape the food from the cutting board– it dulls the edges.

  • Rosalind Franks
    Posted at 10 October 2017 Reply

    I have one of those too! and I love it

    • Mary Young
      Posted at 11 October 2017 Reply

      What size do you have?

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 11 October 2017 Reply

      Mary Young I like the largest one — had it when I lived ashore — but now have the medium one because it fits in the spot I have to store it. It kinda bugged me to have the smaller size the first few days, now I’m used to it and can’t imagine having the bigger one on my little counter.

    • Rosalind Franks
      Posted at 11 October 2017 Reply

      I have the medium one and the small one. We use the medium one a lot when we BBQ, it does a great job of containing the mess.

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