Controlling cruising costs involves more than just choosing between two products. The Pardey's new DVD details many of the choices that will affect your budget.

Cost Control While You Cruise

Most of us want to control our cruising costs.  But most magazine articles that talk about what it costs to cruise focus on things like food, wifi and clothing, and give numbers “exclusive of boat expenses.”

There are two problems with that: boat expenses have to be paid, so we have to think about them.  And controlling many of the other costs involves decisions that are made not at the store, but in seemingly small choices.

If you’re not careful, boat expenses will bite you.  Everything from loans to insurance, maintenance to new gear.  Yes, you often hear that bigger boats don’t just cost more initially but every time you go to buy something.  But few give practical advice on some of the less obvious ways to save big bucks.

Lin and Larry’s video, Cost Control While You Cruise, does exactly that.  In it, they give practical advice on keeping maintenance costs in check and having an “unstoppable boat” — in other words, a boat that doesn’t have to be repaired in out-of-the-way places but that can continue on to where it’s less expensive.

If you’ve read the Pardey’s cruising stories, you’re probably aware that they do it in a very minimalist style and you may be wondering if that’s what the video advocates.  No — but they’ve collected a lifetime of figuring out where the budget busters are and solid strategies to avoid the pitfalls.

And while much of the video deals with the boat expenses, other sections deal with seemingly innocent decisions, such as the daily happy hour or buddy-boating.  As I watched the video, I found that many of their ideas really got me thinking about where the money goes when cruising.  Many times, the “decision point” on spending money isn’t when you’re in the store, but long before.

Watching the video,  I found myself nodding in agreement more than once, thinking of a particular episode in our cruising where we’d slowly found ourselves spending more and more . . . and realized that we hadn’t made a conscious choice to spend that money.  It had just sort of crept up on us, with $5 here and $10 there.

While you may make different choices than they do on things such as buddy boating or the type of socializing you do, the bigger point is making sure that you are making a choice and not just unthinkingly following along.  I found the DVD invaluable in highlighting the choices and the consequences.  If you are thinking about cruising or even in the early stages, it can save you a lot of money.

See the trailer below, and note that there are three options for getting the full video (click here for all):

  • Rent for $5.99
  • Download and own it for  $12.99 and watch on your PC or Mac (does not play in DVD player)
  • DVD for $19.95 (plus shipping), which includes 27 minutes of bonus material
Controlling cruising costs involves more than just choosing between two products.  Many things go into the overall cost -- all detailed here

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  • Lenka Novoa on Facebook
    Posted at 07 November 2012 Reply

    I love the Pardey’s and their simplicity….At the moment the only expenses that worries me are the unexpected one at customs, especially in countries where the law goes with the wind…

  • Tory Salvia
    Posted at 02 December 2015 Reply

    We’ve changed our video player to For Cost Control While you Cruise, you can watch the trailer, and rent or purchase the HD video or DVD at

  • Scott Matson
    Posted at 06 March 2017 Reply

    You can tell Lin and Larry we bought ours after seeing it here. After I read “Self-Sufficient Sailor” (I got mine from a sale at Key West Library) it changed my life and outlook. Many great ideas in the book and can’t wait to see the video!

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