The Care & Feeding of Sailing Crew

Author and circumnavigator Lin Pardey has a new edition of The Care & Feeding of Sailing Crew out.  Lin’s contributed several articles here on The Boat Galley, and frankly, several of her books were instrumental in Dave’s and my believing that we really could go cruising.

Now in it’s fourth edition — which alone tells you that it’s a useful book, with about 15% new material from the third edition — Care & Feeding isn’t really a cookbook, although it does contain some recipes.  Instead, it’s more of a way of thinking about and tips regarding food and health issues while cruising.  Lin’s guest post on Recognizing and Avoiding Salt Deficiencies is a tiny excerpt from the book and a great example of her style and focus on real issues affecting cruisers.

Each of the 52 chapters discusses one day of a voyage.  I’m going to quote the Amazon review as it describes the book more concisely than I ever could (believe me, I tried):

Each chapter presents a logged day of a sailing cruise, noting weather and sailing conditions, and covers items which are appropriate to that particular stage of an extended cruise. The concepts are emphasized with enjoyable anecdotes which illustrate the importance of preparation and adaptability. Topics include nearly everything imaginable, ranging from menu planning and food purchase and storage, through cooking methods and preservation techniques, to fishing and keeping the crew well-clothed.

Lin has circumnavigated twice and has over 200,000 sea miles under her belt.  Take advantage of her extensive knowledge of what issues may arise, ways to deal with them and tips to make voyaging less intimidating.

You can get Care and Feeding directly from Paracay Books (print) or from Amazon (print and Kindle).

Take advantage of Lin Pardey's extensive knowledge of offshore voyaging and her collection of tips to make it easier on the crew.

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  • Nicki Pendergast
    Posted at 03 October 2013 Reply

    I had a copy of this book, loaned it out, never got it back. 🙁

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 03 October 2013 Reply

      Hmm . . . they liked it too, huh? Maybe the new edition is a reason to get another copy for yourself? Or maybe you’ll win one of the two?

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