Box-Mix Corn Bread in the Omnia

Like corn bread?  But despair of making it without a conventional oven aboard the boat?

Dave and I love corn bread with things like boiled shrimp, chili, ham and beans and even just a salad dinner.  And while I know it’s possible to make good corn bread in a cast iron skillet (which I don’t have on board), I’ve found that it’s very easy to do in my Omnia Stove Top Oven.  Read more about the Omnia and how to use it here; you can buy one from either of these two sellers:

Jiffy-MixI start with a box mix designed for an 8″x8″ pan, either Jiffy Mix (they actually call it corn muffin mix and then tell how to make corn bread on a side panel) or one of the mixes that comes in a pouch.  There are numerous brands and several varieties, so choose whatever you prefer.  The only important thing is that it be designed for an 8″ x 8″ pan.


Begin by greasing the pan with a bit of shortening, butter or margarine.  I find that using a solid fat works much better than oil or a non-stick spray as it covers completely and gravity doesn’t pull it to the bottom.  Then add about 2 teaspoons of flour to the pan and wiggle/shake the pan so that all the grease is covered by flour.  This is important so that the corn bread will come out of the pan easily and not stick.

Mix the corn bread according to package instructions.

Put the base plate on the burner and pre-heat it over high heat for at least three minutes (this is important so that the bread will have that golden crust on the bottom).

While it is preheating, pour the batter into the pan and spread it out evenly.  Put the lid on and let the pan sit until the base is preheated.

When the base is preheated, put the covered food pan on it and leave the heat on high for 1 minute.  Time this!  If you turn the heat down too soon, the bread will be dry, and if you leave it too long, the bottom will burn.

After 1 minute, turn the heat down to medium.  Let the bread bake for 3 minutes less than the time shown on the package for baking in an 8″x8″ pan.

Use a toothpick or knife inserted into the center of the bread to test for doneness.  It may not quite be done yet, but it’s better to check too soon than too late.  Different brands are slightly different, as are stoves.  Note how long it actually takes for the next time you make it!

When done, turn the burner off and remove the food pan.  Cut the bread into wedges and serve hot.

  • Ginni G.
    Posted at 27 March 2013 Reply

    I tried this at home with our newly purchased Omnia Stove Top Oven to “test” the process for when we actually use it on the boat and it was perfect! Directions are excellent!

  • Annel Dickson on Facebook
    Posted at 27 March 2013 Reply

    WOW what a great give a way!!! thank you for a chance to win one I have wanted one but it is not in the budget yet.

  • Ben Smith
    Posted at 27 March 2013 Reply

    Also good to store your Jiff cornbread mix in ziplock bags. The inner bags in Jiff are just wax paper and aren’t properly sealed so we lost a couple of boxes to the heat and humidity of the Bahamas before we were smart enough to start storing them in resealable plastic bags!

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 27 March 2013 Reply

      All box mixes need to be in Ziplocs, actually . . . thanks for the idea for a new post!

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