This is a guest contribution by Elizabeth Aristeguieta,

OK I get my gadget obsession from my father, but this tool is great for even the non-gadget obsessed. This Swiss Army Knife of kitchen/bar tools is awesome! It does the following at least:

1. Muddler – Crush fruit, herbs, spices and more.

2. Reamer – Add freshly squeezed juice from your favorite fruits.

3. Channel Knife – Create twists and other garnishes.

4. Jigger – Get a perfect 1-ounce or ½-ounce pour every time.

5. Zester – Capture the tang and aroma of citrus fruits.

6. Knife – Slice and dice ingredients and garnishes with this 4″ blade.

7. Stirrer – Blend cocktails thoroughly; expands up to 6″.

8. Strainer – Separate ice from liquid as you pour.

9. Corkscrew – Uncork your favorite bottle of wine.

10. Bottle Opener – Pop the top off a beer or mixer.

~ Keep reading below the picture showing how all the implements work ~


It is made of good quality stainless steel and is made with BPA free plastic.

While it’s not perfect as it’s pretty big (about 9″ x 1″ x 1″), it gets the job done and does not take up a ton of space. Plus it has the added advantage of all the tools in one place so no searching for the zester or the bottle opener, etc.

Okay it’s really nine tools since the muddler and reamer are one and the same, but Bar9der was clearly not the cooler name. Check out their Facebook page for all the accolades (not only does it get good reviews on Amazon from everyday people, it’s also gotten good write-ups in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal).

Plus this tool can be used for more than just cocktails. Obviously the reamer can be used for all your juicing needs, the 1 ounce and 1/2 ounce jiggers can be used for measuring coffee or other quick measure needs, the muddler can be used with a bowl as a mortar and pestle and many more uses!

I have used this to make my favorite cocktail, the mojito, and I actually chose the green color because of the mojito’s minty ingredient. It sliced right through the limes and muddled the limes and mint perfectly.

The tool comes in multiple colors to suit every taste. This is a great tool for a guy that has everything or for a person who travels or sails.

Where to get the Bar10der?

  • Amazon has it in green, blue, red, purple, orange and gray, with free ground shipping. (see on Amazon Canada – some colors have reasonable prices, others don’t; and Amazon UK)
  • Fab offers a lower price on the blue and green, but with shipping the cost is slightly higher than Amazon.  They ship to the US and Canada but no other countries.

Elizabeth-smallThis guest post was written by Elizabeth Aristeguieta of Be sure to check out her Sail Away Girl Goods — many items have her “Sail Away Girl” on them — a great graphic that any sailing woman will connect to. She’s got over 60 items, including a coffee mug that’s perfect if you’re still chained to your desk and dreaming of sailing away!

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  • Julie Sandler Lambert
    Posted at 06 September 2013 Reply

    We saw this a couple of days ago. A Swiss Army Knife for Wineauxs. Very cool tool.

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