Another Idea for Draining Dishes

Reader John Mayton recently posted this on TBG’s Facebook page.  While he talks about it being great for him as a single-hander with only a few dishes, I see it as a great silverware and small item holder when there are more people on board.

I live aboard a 37 foot ketch in North Carolina, and will be heading south to the Bahamas next week.  When I bought the boat two years ago the previous owner had installed a custom made double sink. 

I use a rubber sink mat that allows water to drain, but for most small things I use a Rubbermaid drainer that hangs from the center of the sink.  The water goes back into the sink, which is in a small way water conservative.  As a single hander, my dish washing issues are small, so the hanging drain works well for all but the pot I cook in.

I couldn’t find the drainer that John has, either online or in a local store.  That’s often the problem with seeing something great:  can you find it?  With a bit of looking around, though, I did find one that might be even better as it’s collapsible!

Progressive International has a collapsible colander that hangs over the divider (see/buy it on Amazon) — and yes, it can do double duty as both a drainer for silverware and other small stuff that you want to contain and serve as your colander for draining pasta and rinsing veggies.  Their picture shows it as a colander, of course:

Great idea from reader John Mayton for a small dish drainer to hold small items (or just a few dishes for a single-hander) and doubles as a colander.

NOTE:  The product description seems to be missing some decimal points in the size.  It holds 7 cups and is approximately 4-3/8″ x 4-3/4″ x 7-1/2″ — it collapses to roughly one-third of the open size, so it can be left on the sink all the time and just opened when more draining space is needed.  The nice thing is that you can have other larger items in the sink under it.

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  • David james
    Posted at 02 December 2015 Reply

    Hi, We have a 9mt eurobanker c-cip trawler yacht 1978 sedan and we find the rear sliding windows on the side of the saloon leak as the water runs down the window , please can you tell us how we can make canvas covers for the outside of the windows to keep out the rain and stop the water getting in .We have seen other boats with blue canvas covers over the windows and would like to make some for ours ,trying to keep the cost down .Kind regards Lindy & David . in England.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 03 December 2015 Reply

      I’d ask some of the people who have ones like what you want if you could come aboard, see them up close and take some photos. That’s the best way and most people are very willing to show off what they’ve done (or paid a canvas shop to do). There’s also a great Facebook group called “Sewing on Boats” where you might be able to get some ideas.

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