The Boat Galley Cookbook

800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard

No matter what anyone tells you, boat cooking IS different from cooking ashore. The space is smaller, there’s no grocery store 5 minutes away, you have fewer prepared foods and electric appliances, and food storage is much different.

Despite cruising different oceans, Jan and I both faced the same challenges: eating well while having time to enjoy all the other great aspects of cruising. We love to snorkel, swim, kayak, explore – and just sit and admire the view.

We learned with the cookbooks we both had aboard, and wished for information that wasn’t available — like when Jan ended up with a frozen chicken complete with head and feet and no instructions on how to cut it up.

When we couldn’t get foods such as sour cream, English muffins, spaghetti sauce or yogurt, we adapted recipes to make our own. Other times, we experimented with substituting ingredients– maybe the result wasn’t identical, but it was still tasty. We ended up with over 150 substitutions and dozens of “make it yourself” options.

As we traded recipes and knowledge with each other, we realized we were compiling information that became The Boat Galley Cookbook:

  • 800+ recipes made from readily-obtainable ingredients with hand utensils, including numerous choices to suit every taste: not just one cake but 20, 16 ways to prepare fish, 10 regional barbecue sauces, and so on.
  • Step-by-step directions to give even “non-cooks” the confidence they can turn out tasty meals without prepared foods.
  • Detailed instructions on unfamiliar things like making yogurt and bread, grilling virtually every food imaginable, preparing and cooking freshly-caught fish and seafood, cutting up and boning meat, cooking in a Thermos and baking on the stove top, as well as lots of tips on how to do things more easily in a tiny, moving kitchen.
  • All this in an easy to navigate format including side tabs to the Table of Contents and extensive cross reference lists at the end of each chapter.  See more features here.
  • Quick Reference Lists provide idea starters:  suggestions of included recipes for such categories as Mexican, Asian, and Potluck.

The Boat Galley Cookbook is designed to help you every step of the way. We hope it becomes a trusted reference on your boat, and a source of many enjoyable meals.

If this sounds like the cookbook you need in your boat galley, print, Kindle, Nook and iTunes copies are now available worldwide.

See all buying options — available in over 90 countries and from me


  1. I am soooo looking forward to your book coming out!!!!

  2. Great information on the site and we met Winterlude when we were in Belize. Looking forward to seeing your cookbook as I love to cook and have been collecting cruisers recipes for the last 10 years.

  3. Yeah. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  4. Me either! — Jan :)

  5. Lookin good. Can’t wait.

  6. Thanks — and thanks to everyone who makes comments here and on the website. We’re continuing to edit based on those comments, and I think it’s really making the cookbook SO much better!

  7. Nice job!! :)

  8. Love it!

  9. Cherielynne on Facebook says:

    Hurry and get it out! I can’t wait!

  10. Candy on Facebook says:

    Looks great-you must be proud!! I want one-but I will be patient.

  11. Carol Watson says:

    Will cookbook be available for e-book, specifically Kindle? We will be long gone cruising by publication date and I’ve become seriously dependent on the convenience and storage capability.

    • Carolyn Shearlock says:

      Absolutely! It will be published in e-format (pretty much all formats — Kindle, Nook, whatever) at the same time as the printed copy.

      Thanks for the interest!


      • I am so glad you are doing a kindle version! I don’t buy real books anymore, they take up too much room! I am really looking forward to buying your book!!

      • Carol,
        Are there recipes for cooking without refrigeration? how do I store the butter?

        • You can use any of the recipes for canned meat, and just store your veggies as explained in those articles. If you have a cooler, put the butter in there. Otherwise, put it in the coolest place you have — and know that if you use margarine instead of butter, it won’t get rancid (it will get soft and even melt if it’s hot, but it won’t get rancid). Instead of butter, use vegetable, olive or canola oil in cooking.

          How long will you be going between stops for more food/ice? Without refrigeration and if you don’t have a cooler (or if the cooler runs out of ice), you generally have to stop more often for food, particularly when you’re learning what works for you. As you get more used to it, you can go longer.

  12. Great .. gonna share cause this will be a great book for cruising!

  13. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

  14. Thanks to Mid-Life Cruising! for sharing. Now I’ve found a great site full of fantastic information!!

  15. Very excited to finally get to see the book!

  16. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    Congrats-y’all must be excited!!!

  17. Kyle Rogers says:

    Amazon just sent me an email saying my pre-order has been pushed to Oct?

    • Carolyn Shearlock says:

      It took a bit of checking and confirming, but unfortunately, the date has been pushed back to September 28. We’re disappointed . . . and hope the wait is worth it!

  18. Darla Parsons on Facebook says:

    It will be worth the wait!

  19. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    So sorry….publishers can be tough to cope with. BUT I know it will be worth the wait.

  20. Thanks for understanding!

  21.’ll be worth the wait,,no worries :)

  22. Patrick Parmentier on Facebook says:

    no problem . I will still get a copy

  23. I hope we in Canada wll be able to get it on Amazon.CA

  24. Margaret McGovern on Facebook says:

    Don’t worry about it. Your loyal readers will wait!

  25. Will the book be available for download ? ( my plans are to be moving in the boat before then ) and getting something shipped to a moving boat might be a tad problematic ;))

  26. Two notes — yes, it’s set to be available on Amazon Canada (it’s there for pre-order now) and it’s set to be available for the Kindle, Nook and other e-formats. So at least I have a BIT of good news!

  27. awesome . Thank you :))

  28. Yeah on my way to Amazon.

  29. Oh ya thanks

  30. Don’t worry. Some good things we have to wait for… We will help keep everyone updated.

  31. Nita Knighton on Facebook says:

    I will wait anxiously for it. Thank you for the update

  32. Leslie LaBute says:

    Hello Carolyn~

    I was wondering if by any chance you will be promoting your book at the Annapolis Sailboat Show this October 4 – 8, 2012?


  33. Meryl Conner says:


  34. Looking forward to the kindle version.

  35. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    I am so happy for you!!

  36. Margaret McGovern on Facebook says:

    Congrats. Hope to have our copy before we head back to the Rio Dulce in early December. Good work!!!

  37. Congratulations on getting your book printed. On your site you said “Amazon US print only, Kindle is coming”. Is there any time frame for the Kindle version? I like the Kindle idea because my recipes are already on mine.

  38. Kindle and other e-formats are scheduled to be released at the same time as the print edition. They do it while the print edition is at the printers and making it way through the warehouse to the retailers.

    But while you can pre-order the print edition, the way the electronic versions (Kindle, Nook, etc.) work, the retailers don’t do pre-orders for them.

  39. Hey Carolyn, I just went to Amazon to buy the Kindle version of TBG but they say it is only available in print. I purchased a paperback copy a while ago and I swear I saw a Kindle version. Am I losing my mind ? Is there, or will there be a Kindle edition?
    Thanks for the great resource in TBG website and cookbook!!

    • Hi Chip! You’re not nuts. It was available for about two days and it had so many problems that McGraw-Hill pulled it and has been working to re-do it (those who downloaded the buggy version will be able to get the new one for free). Despite repeated inquiries, I don’t know when the revised one will be available but I’m hoping soon!

  40. Carol Watson says:

    Just notices the e-book edition available again on Amazon. Wanted to check with you this time before I bought it! Had you seen this? Best —

  41. Roxanne Meunier Hollenbeck on Facebook says:

    I bought this for myself for Mothers Day and it’s awesome. Good recipes that are easy, practical and look tasty! Thank You girls :)

  42. Love it! I bought my own Mother’s Day gift, too!

  43. Nita Haas on Facebook says:

    Great gift idea…I’m asking it be wrapped in a “boat” Perhaps
    32-36 ft.. Late 80s early 90s, blue water ready..would hate to get the book w/o the proper accessory.

  44. You aren’t alone, gf…think I sold another one for ya 2 days ago… :)

  45. I have it … great book that any “mom on a boat” will love!

  46. Thank you!!

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