Storing Food without Refrigeration eBook

The Boat Galley Guide to

Storing Food without Refrigeration

Camping or boating with no refrigerator . . . or only a tiny one?

Have truly great meals without refrigeration when you learn how to store the foods you love!

121 pages covering meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, butter, cheese, eggs, yogurt, condiments and more.


SALE — regularly $9.99, now $7 with $2 going to hurricane relief


$2 of each sale will be used for Hurricane Irma relief by cruisers, for cruisers — our boat is in the Florida Keys and money will be spent on needed items for cruisers, not donated to other organizations.

 Want great meals, using fresh food, on your next camping or boating adventure?

No more pre-packaged meals or bowls of glop.

Instead, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese, sour cream and everything else you need for delicious, satisfying meals.

Whatever you want. Chili. Clam Chowder. Tacos. Jambalaya. Crab cakes. Your choice of cold cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or even bacon and eggs for breakfast. Salads. Even pizza. Really.

Yes, it’s possible.

Storing Food without Refrigeration came out just in time for our provisioning for a long trip to the Bahamas; I've saved a few hundred bucks already because of it.

Cory Nickerson, S/V In the Mood

Your Questions

Whether you are boating, camping, canoeing or pursuing other adventures, trying to make good meals without refrigeration can be frustrating.

The questions mount:

  • I’m sick of pre-packaged shelf-stable meals. What else can I take?
  • Is there any way I could have a salad? Or any fresh veggie?
  • How can we have meat? Any time I’ve tried canned meat, it ends up as unappetizing mush.
  • How about eggs and milk? The powdered ones I’ve tried have been horrible!
  • I have a refrigerator in my boat/camper, but it’s tiny! What doesn’t need to be in there?
  • Last trip, we took a cooler and water from the ice got into every package in there. YUCK! What did we do wrong?

The frustration continues as you search for answers. You spend days combing the internet and find little to give you confidence that the next trip will be better. Nothing that puts it all together. Well, nothing until now.

Detailed Answers

The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food without Refrigeration is designed to end the frustration and give you the in-depth information you need to create your favorite meals from real ingredients:

  • Exactly how to store fresh food without refrigeration
  • What produce can last a month or more, and what needs to be eaten within days
  • Great alternative products that don’t require refrigeration (not dehydrated meals-in-a-bag)
  • What foods don’t need to be refrigerated
  • Easy ways to help foods last longer without spoiling
  • How to make sour cream, yogurt and ricotta cheese without refrigerated ingredients
  • Simple techniques for cooking with canned meats to preserve the flavor and texture – no more unidentifiable blobs
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a cooler available, how to set it up so food doesn’t get waterlogged

Yes, you really can have good meals without refrigeration!

I've been feeling discouraged about not having refrigeration (on our boat) . . . Your book has me feeling excited about trying some new things. Thank you so much!

Pamela Douglas Webster, S/V Meander

Tested Food Storage Techniques

The food storage methods in Storing Food without Refrigeration aren’t something I’ve tried for only a few days or tested in an air-conditioned home kitchen. I’ve refined the techniques I explain over a lifetime of adventures: tent camping for four months without even a cooler (twice!), week-long canoe trips, nine weeks camping in Africa, ten weeks across the western U.S. (had a cooler on that trip!) and close to a hundred shorter trips.


For ten years, I’ve lived on a sailboat with such a tiny refrigerator that I still had to store most of our food outside it. In short, I know what actually works – and all the little tips that make the difference between success and failure.

In Storing Food without Refrigeration, I’ve organized everything I know into an easy-to-follow guide aimed straight at giving you the skills to create great meals from real ingredients. In doing so, I’ve included a great deal of information that has not been published on The Boat Galley.

What Storing Food without Refrigeration Covers

Sixteen chapters – 121 pages – cover virtually every food that you might think impossible to have without refrigeration:

  • Meat and seafood
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Herbs and spices
  • Milk, cream and sour cream
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Butter and margarine
  • Cheese
  • Condiments

Shopping, meal planning and related questions are also answered:

  • What should I buy at the grocery store? Farmer’s market?
  • Are there things I should get online?
  • What foods are good to take fresh and what’s best canned?
  • Can I take any frozen food? What other options are there?
  • Are dehydrated and powdered foods ever worthwhile?
  • How long will various food last without refrigeration?
  • If I want to take a cooler, what type is best?

You’ll get over 60 main dish ideas and even a four-day sample meal plan to help you see what’s possible. No unrealistic gourmet meals, but great-tasting everyday dishes.

Click below to Download Now & Start Reading

Download The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food without Refrigeration now for only $9.99 $7.00 ($2 goes to Hurricane Irma recovery). It’s a 121-page PDF that can be read almost any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle (PDF). On any system: Windows, Mac, Apple, Android. You may download it on more than one device and/or print it out for your own use.

You’ll receive:

  • an immediate link to download The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food without Refrigeration
  • three immediate BONUS downloads:
    • a 28-page excerpt of The Boat Galley Cookbook with 30 recipes (almost all of which you can make with non-refrigerated ingredients!)
    • my Greek Yogurt recipe that’s designed to be made from powdered milk
    • a printable list of Instant-Read Thermometer Temperatures for safe cooking
  • a FREE subscription to The Boat Galley Newsletter – a weekly email with tips on storing food and cooking in limited space as well as info related to living on a boat and cruising

P.S. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of trying to prepare great meals without refrigeration. You can make great-tasting healthy meals that everyone will love. Chili. Clam Chowder. Tacos. Jambalaya. Crab cakes. Your choice of cold cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or even bacon and eggs for breakfast. Salads, weeks after provisioning. Even pizza. Really.

Great meals

NO RISK: If you’re not happy with your purchase of Storing Food without Refrigeration, just let me know within 60 days of buying, and I’ll give you your money back.

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  • Ellen Dawson
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Thank you! I’ve already bought and downloaded my copy. It looks great!
    We’ve been cruising (summers) in our boat without refrigeration, or even an icebox, for years. I’ve devised quite a few tricks and recipes, but it’s never really easy, so I’m glad you’ve written this.
    I also think the bonus materials will be super useful.

  • John Herlig
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Awesome stuff for those of us on the fringe, Carolyn!

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 28 March 2017

      Thanks for your reading an early draft and providing feedback. Really made the book better!

    • John Herlig
      Posted at 28 March 2017

      😊 It was an honor to be involved

  • Karissa Would
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Check it out Vernon!

  • Rick Garvin
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Carolyn, we just downloaded your new book. Looking forward to the read. It is a good looking book.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 28 March 2017

      Thank you! Can’t wait to hear more after you read.

  • Janice Sterling
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Thank you! I was so happy to read that you were going to be publishing this book. I’m off the download …

  • Jo-Anne Mason
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    I will do that as soon as I get good internet.

  • Jessica Heinicke
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Bought and shared! Thanks Carolyn!

  • Martin Foster
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Wow what a great book!! Impeccable timing too (yesterday I started trying to put together a document of storage techniques and recipes for my humble (refrigerator-less) sailboat – I’d got as far as a recipie for some weird raw carrot, beetroot and cabbage thing, and putting Vaseline on eggs, and clingfilm on carrots to make them last slightly longer. Love the bonus pdfs too! Thanks for writing this!! 😀

  • Kimberly Boneham
    Posted at 28 March 2017

    Fantastic! I’m ordering it right now – been looking forward to it’s release!

  • Steve Phillips
    Posted at 31 March 2017

    Congratulations, Carolyn!

  • Homeschool Ahoy
    Posted at 31 March 2017

    Just in time! This will fit neatly on my kindle

  • Caitlin Harris
    Posted at 01 April 2017

    Thanks Bec!

  • Alison Edmands
    Posted at 31 July 2017

    Lois are you following this page yet?

  • Lois Wood
    Posted at 31 July 2017

    No but I should! Ice melting already

  • Lois Wood
    Posted at 31 July 2017

    No but I should! Ice melting already

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    Posted at 07 September 2017


  • Bronwyn Strange
    Posted at 07 September 2017

    Awesome thank you

  • John Herlig
    Posted at 08 September 2017

    What a generous gesture.

  • Lisa Ballard
    Posted at 09 September 2017

    How do you have time for your blog with all the work to prep for Irma?

  • Pam Dean
    Posted at 23 October 2017

    No problems downloading with the iPad on FB. Sent the link to Safari and then to iBook. Thanks.