Unrefrigerated REAL Cream for Coffee

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2014 • all rights reserved

Mini-moos-boxTake cream in your coffee?  Want real cream (half and half) that doesn’t need to be refrigerated?

Reader Rebecca Hammond Vaughn shared her recent Costco find:  Mini-Moos.  They’re basically the same thing as boxed milk in that they don’t require refrigeration until they are opened — and since each one is a single serving, there’s no left overs.

She found them at Costco, and in doing some checking they seem to be available at Sam’s Club and some other grocery stores as well.  If you can’t find them anywhere else, you can get them on Amazon (watch out for the much more expensive 24-packs, though):

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  1. Sounds nice until you look at all the chemicals in the ingredients list.

  2. Which is worse? That or dry creamer?

  3. Could make a lot of trash

  4. These have been around for years, and we were pretty excited about them at first. But yes, they generate much foil and plastic garbage when you have three per mug! We opted for a can of evaporated milk that lasts several days, then crushes flat and is recyclable.

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