Travelling with Electronics

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

Traveling to and from the boat? Make sure you have all your cords and other "bits and pieces" for the electronics in your life!

Whether you’re going on a charter, going to and from the boat on weekends, or even living on the boat and travelling, chances are good that you’re taking some electronics with you.  Now, you might have a case for a laptop.  But what about all the rest of that stuff?

And once I traded my laptop for a tablet, I couldn’t find a case that would hold all the related stuff I traveled with.  You know, the charging cords, photo transfer cables, the mouse and so on — and for the tablet, the camera and the phone.

I’ve always had a fear of forgetting some of that little stuff, both when packing at “home” and then everywhere we stop.

About a year ago, I finally came up with a good solution: a cheap toiletry bag with a bunch of pockets that I labeled with each item, making it easy to see if I have everything.  The tablet, mini-keyboard and mouse pad all fit easily into the big zippered pouch on the bottom.  There’s a pocket on the outside, too, where I put a flashlight, extra batteries and keep all the credit card receipts when we’re traveling.

The one I got is made of fairly tough nylon and it’s easy to carry on its own or toss into a larger bag.

I found my bag at Walmart for less than $15 — a far cry from the less functional “tablet cases” I saw for over $30.  To me, having the individual pockets is key for making sure that you have everything.  You may be able to find something similar in a pharmacy or big box store near you, but if not, it’s still sold online by Walmart — see it here.

UPDATE 2016: Travel organizer cases are now easier to find and most are roomy enough to put a tablet in along with the cables.

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  1. Great tip! I know the fear of not having a cord to charge something.

  2. Great idea…but I hope they sell these somewhere other than Walmart!

  3. We use the cosmetic give away bags. Captain doesn’t seem to mind that they are mostly pink. Also I brought an extra cord for my Kindle tablet cruising. Would hate for that to break and not have a spare. How else would I get to my Boat Galley ebook?!

  4. Grid-It on Amazon

    I have these in several sizes, they are very handy.

  5. Wow! This is great!! I can’t believe I missed the original post of this. I’m always checking and double-checking to see if I have everything I’m going to need–especially in the electronics department! GREAT IDEA!!!!!

  6. We stash our chargers and the like in an old first-aid kit–marked boldly to not make mistakes!

  7. I did the same thing for this next voyage. I was so sick of having cords everywhere and devices. This time everything will be in one place

  8. Haha, do those labels say “Smart phone” and “Dumb phone”…that would be funny.

  9. This is a great idea!

  10. Great idea.

  11. How is Paz doing?

  12. Agreed!!!!!!

  13. I like the individual pockets. I have been using a seperate small zippered bag for this.
    I also use a dymo machine to label EVERY cord and charger head. as well as indelible ink on any plug large enough to take writing. The biggest pain is when going back and forth between boat and home remembering what was in the bag, what I left on the boat or at home cause I thought I wouldn’t need it. The pockets will help!

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