Transporting Liquids

Salad-Dressing-TransportEver needed to take a sauce or salad dressing to a potluck and just not have the right container?

That happened to me this past weekend as I was taking a tossed salad for 60 people to a sailing club nearly 100 miles away.  My homemade dressing was going to be in a cooler and I just didn’t have a Lock & Lock container that was large enough and would be easy to pour from.

And so many other bottles — such as those that juice or Gatorade had come in — had narrow mouths that were going to be tough to fill without spilling.  Plus, I worried whether some of them might come open or leak a bit — I’ve had that happen before when bottles fall on their sides.

Then I spotted our Nalgene All-Terrain Bottles (link to Amazon US; see also on Amazon Canada and Amazon UK).  I knew from miles of hiking with them in a daypack that they don’t leak and the screw tops don’t come loose at “inopportune times.”  And the wide mouth was easy to pour my dressing into and back out (I took the top off to pour the dressing out; I didn’t even try to squeeze it out the mouthpiece).

So, if you’re needing to transport something liquid and have some good water bottles . . . they work pretty well!

Oh, and if you want to know more about why I like these water bottles over most others, read my article on Water Bottles.

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