The Problem with Cheap Silverware

I don’t expect my spoon to break when I’m eating cereal.  Not even oatmeal, but corn flakes?

It did. I wasn’t too happy.

I already knew that I didn’t really like this set of silverware because all the nooks and crannies were hard to clean and took more time and water when doing dishes than the set that were more streamlined stainless.

But I didn’t think they’d break on me. A quick glance shows why, however.  There’s NO metal in the handle – in fact, it’s hollow in the center.  And now that I look at the knives and forks in the set, I can see tiny little cracks in the plastic handles on them, too.  I’m sure they’re not going to last much longer.

I’d bought these to have extras when friends and family came to visit.  I figured that cheap silverware would work just fine to transport food from the plate to mouth.  And it did . . . until this morning.  Less than a year after I bought it.

The good news is that we’re not in some remote anchorage.  I can buy another set.

Hmm, maybe buying a better set in the first place would have been cheaper in the long run?

So now I’m in the process of choosing another set . . . and this time, I’m doing some research first.  I’ve learned that perhaps you do get what you pay for!

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  • Charles Taylor on Facebook
    Posted at 26 October 2012 Reply

    broke one eating grits, went to Costco and bought a nice set of flat ware

  • Karin Copperwood
    Posted at 25 July 2013 Reply

    That is super frustrating along with bent fork tines and stains. I had a set of flatware that no matter how I washed it managed to stain. Looked horrible in just a few washes. Finally sucked it up and bought a nice set. I am much happier now. I agree, paying more to begin with would have saved me in the long run. Hind sight is 20/20, lol.

  • Rhonda Porter
    Posted at 10 October 2013 Reply

    What type of silverware did you wind up with? 🙂

  • Kevin
    Posted at 10 June 2014 Reply

    Sometimes it is good to be reminded that you can’t afford to be cheap!

  • Frances Liz Fernandez
    Posted at 11 June 2014 Reply

    Its on my list too.

  • Terry Michel
    Posted at 03 October 2015 Reply

    Looking for non slip silverware to use on the foldable plastic tables in the cockpit of our sailboat.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 03 October 2015 Reply

      All the rubber-handled silverware (the rubber handles makes it so they won’t slip on the table) that I’ve ever seen are expensive! They typically cost close to $40 per place setting, such as these on Amazon:

      You can make your own non-slip ones much more cheaply. Get a set of good stainless silverware (18-10) with relatively plain handles and a SATIN finish. Get a jar of liquid electrical tape (your choice of color) and carefully dip the handles in it. It dries to the touch in about a minute, then set the silverware down on a piece of waxed paper for a few more minutes just in case it wasn’t quite dry yet.

  • Dawn Roberts
    Posted at 16 August 2016 Reply

    A fellow on one of my camper forums loves bamboo utensils. I’m considering getting some….

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