Make your pans, bowls, cutting boards and more non-slip with these silicone strips. And they'll double as jar openers and trivets!

The Gecko Grip

Keeping stuff from sliding is huge on a boat and I’ve written about a number of solutions such as nonslip shelf paper and sticky pads.  But sometimes you just need something that’s quick and easy for a temporary job — such as keeping a cutting board in place.  Enter The Gecko Grip — invented and marketed by a liveaboard “cruiser-in-waiting” and TBG reader, Julie Lambert.

Julie got the idea while attending culinary school and hating the wet paper towels that students kept putting under their cutting boards to keep them from sliding on the counter — they’d quickly soak up all sorts of meat and vegetable juice — YUCK!  She then realized that they’d also be great on the boat, where not just cutting boards but everything tries to slide.

The Gecko Grip is a textured silicone strip about 10 inches long and 1 inch wide, sold in pairs and marketed particularly to keep cutting boards from slipping or rocking.  Julie gave me a set last week to test and review, and I’ve found them to be incredibly handy for far more than just my cutting board!

To steady a cutting board, just slip one Gecko Grip under each side of the board — it works better than any nonslip board has, or any other way I’ve tried of making a regular board non-slip.

But here’s the neat part: since they’re made of silicone (100% silicone, no fillers), they’re heat resistant up to 500 degrees F.  So that makes them perfect to use as a trivet, particularly with large pans that hang way over a standard trivet (I’ve been using them under a 9″ x 13″ pan and cookie sheets).  Air flows under the pan and the pan doesn’t slide under normal conditions (obviously, it might with particularly “boisterous” conditions).

I’ve always gotten irritated when trying to serve something from a hot pan where the pan is larger than the trivet — as you cut down, or slide a spatula under the food, the pan rocks.  And there I am, trying to steady the pan, use the spatula and hold a plate all at once . . . GRRR!  Since you can put a Gecko Grip at each end of the pan, it won’t rock and try to get away from you.  Ditto for taking cookies off a cookie sheet.  It’s like having exactly the right size trivet for any pan!

Even if a dish isn’t hot, the Gecko Grips make a great nonslip pad for serving dishes.  I used them under a platter of crackers, cheese and sausage and again it was nice to have it be both nonslip and non-tippy.

It also is an easy and convenient jar opener.  I don’t have the world’s best grip due to some stupid sports injuries over the years and am always fumbling around to find a damp rag or my large trivet to use to grip the lid.  I found that I’m just leaving my Gecko Grips on the counter and grabbing one of them and wrapping it around the outside of the lid.  With small bottles, I grab the tails for some added leverage in getting the lid off.

Silicone is also really easy to wash off; there’s little that will stain it in my experience and should you get food around the raised circles, a nail brush or toothbrush easily get it out.

Make your pans, bowls, cutting boards and more non-slip with these silicone strips. And they'll double as jar openers and trivets!I’m sure there are tons of other uses for the Gecko Grip and that I just haven’t found them all yet.  But keeping my cutting board from moving and being just the right size trivet for so many pans is a pretty good start!

Special thanks to Julie for coming up with such a great product for the galley . . . and ashore!  She and husband Mark, together with their 8-year-old dog Ziggy, are currently on the boat in Corpus Christi, TX.

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  • susan
    Posted at 09 February 2013 Reply

    Went to Amazon and the item is not available, with no info on when it will be again 🙁

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 09 February 2013 Reply

      I sent a note to Julie (it had showed as in stock last night) and she did some magic to get Amazon to update their inventory counts, as they DO have plenty in stock. It now shows as available and you CAN buy it:

      Thanks to both Lynne and Susan (below) for telling me of the problem — glad we could resolve it so quickly!


  • Lynne
    Posted at 09 February 2013 Reply

    As an FYI – per Amazon: “Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

  • Julie Sandler Lambert on Facebook
    Posted at 09 February 2013 Reply

    Inventory is updated on Amazon. It is available.

  • The Boat Galley on Facebook
    Posted at 09 February 2013 Reply

    Thanks Julie!

  • Julie Sandler Lambert on Facebook
    Posted at 09 February 2013 Reply
  • Vicki Shumaker
    Posted at 21 February 2013 Reply

    Love the Gecko Grips! We live aboard, currently at the dock in Puget Sound. I have 2 cutting boards which I try to keep on edge against the counter backsplash when not in use. They were constantly slipping down onto the counter, knocking other items out of the way. Now each has a Gecko strip under the long edge, and presto -no sliding.

    The larger board is placed across one of my double sinks for food prep. Again, slipping had been a big problem. My husband wanted to glue wooden cleats to the bottom of the board to hold it securely in place but I have been putting him off for 3 years not wanting to make the board bulkier to store. No more worries. I love this versatile product. Thank you.

  • peggy at ECY
    Posted at 23 February 2014 Reply

    I’m still a fan of silicon baking sheets

  • Julie Sandler Lambert
    Posted at 19 September 2014 Reply

    Thanks Carolyn!

  • Sue Foster
    Posted at 19 September 2014 Reply

    I feel bad for not sharing this sooner… For years I have been using non slip drawer liners or carpet non slip pads cut to fit in the galley and on the serving tray in the cockpit…I thought everyone did this! Works perfectly! 😀

  • Carol Ann
    Posted at 19 September 2014 Reply

    I glued 2″ strips of anti-slip rug sheets around the bottoms of the cockpit cushions. I’m glad I did! I use the leftover pieces, cut to size, for anything in the cabin that I want to stay put. 🙂

  • Janet Bessent
    Posted at 19 September 2014 Reply

    We got these as a gift from folks that sail with us….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product

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