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I had originally published a positive review of these dishes in May 2014 after buying them for our boat and using them for several weeks.

UPDATE 3/27/16: After using these dishes every day for 15 months (October 2014 to April 2015 and July 2015 to March 2016), I’m disappointed in how they are showing wear. They are made of soft plastic and the company warns of being careful in using knives on them — but the reality is that it’s sort of hard to eat without knives! Even the bowls have a lot of marks on them just from spoons. While I love the way they stack and are unbreakable, not to mention lightweight, I no longer recommend them. If you’re looking for some good boat dishes, take a look at the Galleyware Tempered Glass Dishes — they are performing much better.

Even the small bowls are showing substantial marks from our breakfast spoons

Even the small bowls are showing substantial marks from our breakfast spoons

Although we’ve tried to be careful in using knives on the plates, there are numerous cut marks after about 18 months of use.

Although we've tried to be careful in using knives on the plates, there are numerous cut marks after about 18 months of use.

When I first saw the Starboard Collection at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2013, I loved them. And I ordered a set when we bought Barefoot Gal. I initially wrote a review about how nice they were — and I did like them. Space-saving design, lightweight, non-skid and a nice lip to keep food from falling off. And they looked really nice!

Over the first year of owning them, they gradually showed a little wear. Occasionally, the nonslip rings would fall out.

After about a year of full-time use, they started really showing wear, despite our trying to be careful. And the nonslip rings don’t stay in place.

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  • Linda C. Ryan
    Posted at 14 May 2014 Reply

    Great timing… I have been awaiting your review so I can order a set… will be doing so shortly.

  • Kerry Rackliffe
    Posted at 14 May 2014 Reply

    Wish they came in green!

  • Robin Moody
    Posted at 14 May 2014 Reply

    After your first post, Carolyn, I ordered a set of bowls, plates and the serving bowl in Canvas for the Moody Gras. Was so impressed with them that I ordered a second set and added the tray and appetizer! Steve at Sea Dog Boating provides some of the best Customer Service I’ve ever seen with great follow-up and follow-through.

  • Starboard Collection
    Posted at 15 May 2014 Reply

    Carolyn, we appreciate your review as the expert in this area – thank you and Happy Sailing!

  • Kenneth Moody
    Posted at 15 May 2014 Reply

    Can’t wait for our second Starboard Collection set to arrive for the Moody Gras! We also ordered serving tray and appetizer set. BTW, Sea Dog Customer Service is second to none. Thanks for the recommendation, Carolyn! Robin Moody

  • Kathe Spidell
    Posted at 26 January 2015 Reply

    I really looked forward to receiving my new dishes from Starboard Collection. I found them on Amazon for a great price. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed that they scratch so easily. They are only useful for chips and a sandwich. IF you cut your sandwich on a separate cutting board. Not even a butter knife or maybe a fork should be used on these dishes. Do not use to reheat in a microwave. You will need lots of soap and water if you have any greasy meals.
    I loved the idea they were “created” by a cruiser, recycled material, no BPA. Just extremely sad that they are not the dishes to use for my way of life.

  • Nikki
    Posted at 05 July 2016 Reply

    May I asked what you replaced them with or what you recommend?

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