Special Deals on Favorite Products

THESE WERE THE 2015 HOLIDAY SPECIALS — all offers have ended.

Once again, I’ve teamed up with over a dozen boater-oriented small businesses to offer special deals to The Boat Galley readers — all on products that I love! This isn’t stuff I’m selling, but discounts and other offers from TBG advertisers and sponsors. These discounts aren’t available elsewhere — they’re my way of saying thanks for being part of The Boat Galley.

All offers begin Friday, November 27 . . . check individual offers for ending dates.


Gimme ShelterGet 15% off all products at SV Gimme Shelter — recycled sailcloth bags made with sailors in mind. Backpacks, pet bags, tool rolls, pool bags, knit scarves, coin purses as well as practical canvas products for your boat like mast boots and lifeline covers. Custom orders are welcome. Each bag is handmade from recycled sailcloth and completely unique. Click here to see all their products and use coupon code BOATGALLEYCHRISTMAS. Offer ends Jan. 1, 2016.


Sailboat InteriorsGet 15% off all items at Sailboat Interiors — universal V-berth sheets and blankets, narrow boat runner rugs, colorful pillows, towels that won’t drop to the floor, simple-to-install curtains and more. Click here to see all their products and use coupon code 12DAYS2015. Offer ends Dec. 31, 2015.



My Team TalksSave your marriage this Christmas!! Save 15% off the price of My-Team-Talks bluetooth headsets from Cruising Solutions and eliminate yelling, misinterpreted hand signals and the infamous “anchor dance” when anchoring, docking or locking. Click here to see them and use coupon code tbg15off. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2015.


Sailbay Fender CoversBuy one pair of fleece fenders, get a second pair 40% off. Keep your hull safe from scratches and fender grime. Click here to see the colors and sizes available. Mention The Boat Galley promo when ordering by phone or email (discount not available with online ordering). Offer ends Jan. 1, 2016.


Outland Hatch Covers Buy two or more deck hatch covers and get one free (the free one will be the smallest; shipping charges will apply). Protect your expensive hatches from cracking, crazing and cloudiness and interior fabrics from fading while keeping the cabin cooler! Click here for more information on their hatch covers. Mention The Boat Galley promo when ordering by phone or email (because of measurements, orders must be emailed or phoned). Purchase must be completed by Jan. 8, 2016.


Mantus AnchorsGet 20% off all items at Mantus Anchors, the best resource for all ground tackle needs including anchors, bridles, hooks, swivels, etc. plus a couple of great gift ideas – the dinghy anchor set and the new rechargeable cockpit light. Click here  to see all their products and use coupon code BG2015. Offer ends Dec. 30, 2015.


Mystic KnotworkGet 15% off all items at Mystic Knotwork. Handmade traditional nautical knotwork – monkey fist, turks head and more – turned into sailor knot bracelets and other wearables, welcome mats, home decor, pet items and everything you need for a nautical-themed wedding. Click here to order and use coupon code boatgalley. Offer ends Dec. 31, 2015.


Sea Dog Boating SolutionsFive offers from Sea Dog Boating Solutions — click product name to see more and order:

May use more than one; offer ends Dec. 29, 2015.


Junior CaptainsGet 25% off a 1-year or Lifetime Subscription to the Junior Captains program! The perfect way to introduce your kids or grandkids to the sailing lifestyle while joining Capt. Bo & Alli on a round-the-world voyage.  Click here for more info and use coupon code TBGChristmas before Dec. 25th to get started.  It’s not just another present, it’s a lifetime of adventure!


PortvisorKeep your ports open in the rain! Buy 4 or more PortVisors or PanelVisors to get a free nautical tote bag plus a can of ShipBalm, the 100% natural lubricant/protectant — good for everything from ships to lips. Click here to order and put code GIVE-ME-A-TOTE in the Comments section of your order (NOT in the coupon code area) or mention when ordering by phone. Offer ends Dec. 25, 2015.


Schooner ChandlerySchooner Chandlery has holiday discounts on Sunbrella, Sailboat Interiors, Weems & Plath, Sailor Bags, and more. Get 15% off Davey & Company marine hardware including the full catalog of Davey’s handcrafted portlights, cleats, ship’s bells, traditional lamps and Wykeham Martin furling gear. Do today’s job with a touch of history. Click here for details of exclusive offers and coupon codes in the Schooner Chandlery nautical marketplace for The Boat Galley readers. Offer ends Dec. 25, 2015.


SailorGet 20% off all SailorBags with a minimum purchase of $50. SailorBags are made from genuine sailcloth and include tote bags and travel duffels, wine caddies, purses and wristlets, even pillows and placemats. The new “Silver Spinnaker” collection with its silver/blue colors is a dramatic departure from the brand’s classic red-white-blue nautical look. Click here to see all their products and use coupon code GALLEY20. Offer ends Dec. 11, 2015.



Aquabot 125Get 20% off all items at Lunatec Gear — Scrubrs (the never-get-stinky dish rags that work amazingly well, Trekrs (ditto for wash cloths) and the Aquabot (a small pressurized sprayer that works really well for dishes and other boat chores). Click here to see all their products and use coupon code BOATGALLEY. Offer ends Dec. 5, 2015 — (now over)

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  • The Boat Galley
    Posted at 27 November 2015 Reply

    For anyone who has had a problem with the Mantus Anchors code not working, the problem is fixed and the code is good!

  • Isabela Booth
    Posted at 27 November 2015 Reply

    Coupon “tgb15off” does not exist!
    Trying to buy the My Team Talks headsets.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 27 November 2015 Reply

      I just tried it and it worked for me, but I did go ahead and call Cruising Solutions and tell them about your problem. They should be getting in touch with you or you can call them at 800-460-7451.

  • Lester Griffith
    Posted at 05 December 2015 Reply

    On 5 December 2015 I tried to order an Aquabot using the coupon code BOATGALLEY but Aquabot did not accept the code to apply 20% discount to my order. Very disappointed they would not honor the agreed upon discount on the last day of the offer.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 06 December 2015 Reply

      I forwarded your problem on to the company and they are checking into it.

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