Soy Milk in Boxes

My husband Dave is allergic to milk and anything made from it – a true anaphylactic allergy where his throat swells up and he can’t breathe, not lactose intolerance. So we use soy milk in place of milk.

Pretty much everywhere we’ve ever traveled, including Mexico, I’ve been able to buy soy milk in boxes. Just like regular milk in boxes, the soy milk in boxes doesn’t have to be refrigerated until it’s opened, making it ideal on a boat with a tiny refrigerator and a love for out-of-the-way spots. The boxes can be stored pretty much anywhere and fit into all sorts of small spaces where it seems that nothing else fits.

South Florida, it seems, does not use soy milk in boxes. I’ve looked in numerous grocery stores, even Walmart where I’ve always been able to find it. No soy milk in boxes. And while we can buy a half gallon of refrigerated soy milk for immediate use, we just don’t have room in the refrigerator to stock extras.

So I went online, only to discover that most places wanted either an exorbitant amount per quart box (boxed milk of any type is more than refrigerated but $4 or more per quart is ridiculous), or had very high shipping fees. Even Amazon. So I kept looking.

And since it took me a couple hours before I found a good source, I thought I’d pass it on in case anyone else is having the same problem finding boxed soy milk.

The best deal I found was from at $2.79 a quart, and free shipping on orders over $49 (18 quart boxes was just over for me and we’ll use that much in 5 to 6 weeks). They have Silk original, organic, vanilla and several types of Silk Almond milk as well.

NOTE: I’m not affiliated with Lucky Vitamin in any way nor do I make anything on sales – just wanted to pass on the info to anyone else who may be frustrated in spending hours to find a decent price on a needed product,I was

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  • Jan Alexander
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    I guess you looked in health food stores in S. FL?

  • Diane Ericsson
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    Safeway and Costco usually carry these in California. Usually they are in the heathy food section, not by the beverages.

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

      Called Costco here and they didn’t know what I was talking about. Weird. (In Walmart, it’s in the juice or cereal aisle . . . when they carry it)

  • Scott Giffin
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    Buy a Vitamix and make it and plenty of other wonderful things 🙂 We love ours!

  • Kathy aboard "Green Door"
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    I recently encountered the same problem during our extended cruise along the Gulf coast. I was treating myself to a soy latte at a local coffee shop ,during a recent stop, when it dawned on me to ask them if I could buy a box or two from them. They sold me a case of 12 quart boxes for $19.70. I was amazed that they would sell an entire case and blown away by the price. Just a thought.

  • Kathy aboard "Green Door"
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    I can’t remember if Charlie @ Bridge Street Coffee in LaBelle uses boxed soy milk or not. But it might be worth a try. Shop is within easy walking distance from the City of LaBelle public docks.

  • Ginny Teatro
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    Trader joes has it

  • Greg Ulrich
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    Again, here in California so it may not help you in Florida, it’s available at the .99¢ only store. Yep, at .99¢ a box.

  • Dianne Bowers Turner
    Posted at 12 November 2014 Reply

    Have you tried Almond Breeze? We like it better than Silk. It’s made from, Almonds not Soy. The vanilla flavor is my favorite. It come in either a box that don’t need to be refrigerated (until opened) or in the refrigerated section. I have never had a problem finding it at Wal-mart stores.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 13 November 2014 Reply

      I like it; Dave prefers the soy. But it’s not in the stores here either — believe me, we would have accepted it.

  • Tony Gariepy
    Posted at 14 November 2014 Reply

    Have you considered making your own almond milk? It’s pretty easy, all you need is almonds and water…. And a blender, and a filter…

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