Small Broth Containers

For years, I’ve used bouillon powder to make broth when I needed it because I didn’t like to take up so much space as the big 1-quart containers — and I often didn’t need anywhere near that much, which left the question of storing the remainder.

A little while ago, I discovered the concentrated broth packets shown above.  They’re a wonderful alternative to bouillon powder, with far more flavor.  You do need water, though, so they’re not a good choice for boats with a severely limited water supply.

The Swanson packets make 1 cup of broth, while the Knorr tubs make 3-1/2 cups.  Sodium content is about the same as making stock from bouillon, although Knorr also makes a low-sodium chicken stock in the tubs.  I often use one packet of the Swanson or 1 teaspoon of the Knorr in place of 1 teaspoon of salt in recipes — it has about 1/3 the sodium of the salt and lots more flavor. UPDATE: The Swanson packets are no longer made as of March 2017.

These do not have to be refrigerated until open — and since they are so small, I find it’s no problem to find a little space to tuck an open one (in a Ziploc) into a corner of the refrigerator or cooler.  Much easier than those quart boxes!

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  • Evie Willis Williams on Facebook
    Posted at 28 August 2012 Reply

    Looks great, I’ll have to try these and no MSG!

  • tami
    Posted at 01 May 2013 Reply

    Miso paste is another good stock base

  • Jill
    Posted at 27 March 2014 Reply

    I have to tell you, Carolyn, when I get TBG email and tips, it’s like opening a present. I get SO much helpful knowledge Every time. Thank you!

  • Cynthia Balfour
    Posted at 28 March 2014 Reply

    Great I will be looking for this. Thanks so much.

  • Cat
    Posted at 14 May 2015 Reply

    I know this is an old post, but I just had to comment that this stuff is the BEST! My husband and I aren’t doing the liveaboard life (yet) but we have been looking into it because it’s a dream I’ve had since my dad took me sailing as a kid. But I have been using this stuff for years, as my “secret ingredient” in my husband’s favorite pot roast. Nothing comes close! Everyone always raves about my pot roast, and I didn’t realize this had been that special ingredient – I had bought it because I my grocery store was actually out of the regular beef stock and I didn’t have the time or energy to make my own, so I picked this stuff up. When I ran out of it, I bought regular stock again, and it changed the dish SO much, and not for the better! Ever since then, I swear by these little packets. It’s so funny because when I try to tell people about them, no one ever knows what I am talking about!

  • Sheryl George
    Posted at 23 June 2015 Reply

    Love the homestyle stock….used them before !

  • Anne Ellingsen
    Posted at 23 June 2015 Reply

    I use the knorr ones love the convenience & the added flavor!

  • Catherine Whisenhunt Yox
    Posted at 23 June 2015 Reply

    Where did you find them?

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 23 June 2015 Reply

      I get both at Walmart as well as lots of other stores on our travels.

  • Phyllis Pardee
    Posted at 24 June 2015 Reply

    I use Trader Joe’s Chicken broth packets….so much easier to store than the boxed broths!

  • Dave Skolnick (S/V Auspicious)
    Posted at 18 April 2016 Reply

    All right Carolyn – the next time we are in the same anchorage we will have a double-blind tasting of bouillon, concentrate, boxes, and homemade stock. Now granted homemade is rarely practical aboard but it does establish a baseline, does it not? We’ll round up victims … err … volunteers and do a statistically significant evaluation. And publish our results in the ultimate peer-reviewed journal of Facebook. (<- warped sense of humor).

    For my delivery this week I am sticking with bouillon and my crew will just have to deal with it. *grin*

    Who cares what the answer is? We're having a cooking party!

  • Sheila
    Posted at 11 August 2016 Reply

    I found the Knorr about a year ago and love them. Great for soups and stocks. And love that they don’t take up much space. And less sodium than some others.

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