Shredding Cheese Slices

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The recipe calls for shredded cheese, and you can only get slices.  A quick way to solve the problem!
Yesterday, I needed shredded Swiss Cheese to make Reuben Dip . . . but the store only had Swiss in slices.  No shredded, and none in a block that would be easy to run over a grater.

Simple solution:  get out the knife and cut the slices into long thin strips, then cut those into inch-long sections.

Situations like this happened many times when cruising.  In large cities, you may have your choice of items.  But in many of the smaller towns — or the one grocery store within walking distance — you may just have to deal with what’s there.  And while maybe my cheese “shreds” weren’t as perfectly uniform as the commercially shredded packages, it tasted just fine.  And cutting the slices took a lot less time than driving 15 miles to a larger store!

Oh . . . and the Reuben Dip?  I needed a photo of the dip (see below), and it had probably been a year since I’d made it.  Just got into a rut of other stuff, I guess.  I’d forgotten how incredible it is!!  While it’s a natural for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s wonderful any time and perfect for times when happy hour snacks may just end up being dinner.

The recipe is in The Boat Galley Cookbook (page 127) and in the free PDF sample of it.  If you don’t already have the sample, you can get it here.

The recipe calls for shredded cheese, and you can only get slices.  A quick way to solve the problem!


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  1. Jim Shell says:

    We convert the sliced to shredded by keeping the slices in a block and running the block over the grater. It is not perfect but it works

    • I’m glad that’s worked for you — that’s what I tried the first few times I had the problem and I think my hand was just too small to hold the slices together. It ended up as a mess of slices! It might also depend on the type of cheese . . . and some packages — such as the Swiss I was using — have the slices separated somewhat. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get them back into a nice even block!

  2. I tried (again) to follow the link to the PDF sample of your cookbook. It took me to the page but no place to put an email except for subscribing – which I already have. I reloaded (twice) per your suggestion but no other box appeared. Can you send the link by email? Thanks.

    • Hi Bruce! I just sent you the PDF by email — sorry for the problem! It’s hard for me to troubleshoot the problem since it appears fine for me. Thanks for letting me know and hope you enjoy the sample! -Carolyn

  3. Robbin Seal says:

    I’m really enjoying reading all your tips,etc. My husband and I were on our Albin ’49 for a year doing the loop some years ago and I had forgotten much about what you write! As we are about to take off again for four or five months, I’m learning a lot! Thank you!


  4. Hi,

    Remember that manual food processor I wrote about? It has an attachment that would shred cheese in a heartbeat!

    Thanks again Carolyn for your wonderful blog! I keep all of your posts.

    Saul Away Girl
    SailAwayGirl. com

  5. Love this option, many of my favorite things were priced out of sight in canadian general stores or even the smaller grocery store chains that were within a walk of the marina or anchorage. So we improvised when I remembered I had a small shredder (I think it was probably actually a ricer) onboard and when cheese is very cold or frozen it can be easily shredded in amounts to add to or spread across as a topping or garnish.

  6. I’ve heard it has sawdust in it, but I use it anyway!!

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