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2017 NOTE: While the design of The Boat Galley has changed, the “search” function is still there and still powered by Google!

I hate it when I know I’ve read an article about something, want to read it again and can’t find it.

With over 700 articles now on The Boat Galley, it seems that some readers are having that same frustration. Almost every day I get an email or Facebook message asking for a link to an old article, or someone asking if I’ve written something about “X.” While I certainly don’t mind answering these, I know that when I’m looking for something I want it NOW . . . and unfortunately, I might not be sitting at the computer when someone posts their question.

But there’s a simple way to search and get the answers immediately. At the top right of every page — in the red part — is a Google search box. Type a word or phrase in there, just as when using Google, and press Enter. You’ll get a page listing all the articles pertaining to the topic on TBG (using this search box limits the search to The Boat Galley).

Since it uses Google technology, unlike many blog search functions, you don’t have to know the exact title of an article to find it. Just use a word or two to describe what you’re looking for . . . say if you are wondering whether you should keep or ditch the microwave on the boat, just search for “microwave.” You’ll find TBG articles on the pros and cons of having a microwave on the boat, special considerations when running a microwave on an inverter, and even information on inverters large enough to power microwaves.


Hope this helps you find what you’re looking for on TBG (of course, the possibility still exists that I haven’t written on a particular topic).

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