How NOT To Fall For a Spray

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

Don't have a serious injury from a stupid mistake! Take care when spraying pans . . .

A (non-cruising) friend’s post of a nasty slip and fall reminded me of a basic safety precaution that’s even more important on a boat:

Always spray non-stick spray (Pam, etc.) or oil over the sink

Overspray on the floor, in particular, can be dangerous.  Just as foods will easily slide out of the pan, you can easily go sliding across the floor!  The motion of the boat just adds to the risk.

Spray that gets on counter tops can also be a problem if you put a hand down to steady yourself when the boat moves or if you lay something on the counter and it suddenly slides as the boat rolls.  And spray that gets on the stove can cause a small grease fire.

Most long-term cruisers that I’ve talked to say that their most serious injuries came from what could be called “stupid little stuff,” often galley injuries.  In dangerous conditions, we tend to be cautious and think about our movements.  But when doing everyday stuff on a fairly calm day, we tend not to be so careful.

Spraying a pan?  Yeah, I tend to not really think about safety as I’m doing it.  But over the years, I’ve had a couple of “oops” moments . . . and now I’m pretty good at taking that one extra step to the sink and holding the pan so that any overspray goes into the sink and not anywhere that it could cause a problem.

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  1. This is a great tip, on or off a boat! Even a tiny bit of that stuff can be an invisible risk on any kitchen floor.

  2. Better yet, read can ingredients to see if you REALLY want to ingest those chemicals. A smear of butter is tastier, to boot.

  3. We use an olive oil pump sprayer rather than commercial “cooking” sprays, but still over the sink for all the reasons cited.

  4. The other big no-no, and I say this from VERY personal experience, is to spray a pan while on the stove, when the gas burners are going. Yup, NOT a good idea.

  5. Mary Dixon says:

    like the olive oil sprayer tip. Am going to see where i can get one.

  6. Olive oil sprayer will be in my next Amazon order. Great tip.

  7. I refuse to pay money for spraycans, reuse small pump sprayers for some things (think of the environment – and the problems with garbage). For oiling pans I put a few drops of oil on a bit of paper towel or Kleenex and wipe it around. Easy peasy, environmentally friendlier and cheap!

  8. paul newman salad dressing came in a spray bottle. i reused mine for olive oil. i’ve had a slippery floor while spraying liquid gold on wood!

  9. And do not spray over an open flame !

  10. Tony Gariepy says:

    This is what I use at home…

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