Re-Floating Winsome

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2011 • all rights reserved

When there's no Coast Guard or SeaTow to help, how do you get a boat that's blown aground back into the water? The story of how Winsome was saved, along with tips and things we could have done better!The first of my articles about Hurricane Marty, “Re-Floating Winsome” tells the story of a very determined group of cruisers who salvaged a number of boats that went aground during the storm. With no professional salvage crew in the area, cruisers helped cruisers to save 9 boats. The biggest challenge was Winsome, shown in the photo where she landed, high and dry about 4 miles from where she had been anchored.

“Re-Floating Winsome” not only provides a narrative of what we did, it also provides a detailed analysis of what we did right and wrong — useful information should you ever be called upon to rescue a boat under any circumstances, not just in the aftermath of a hurricane. This was originally published in Latitude 38 magazine in November 2003.

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  1. Connie was just telling us this story yesterday. Now it really comes to life with the photos. Thanks.

  2. Say hi to her!

  3. this was an amazing time, that’s for sure!

  4. Thanks Carolyn for sharing .

  5. Did you notice the Bayfield 29 in the mangroves this morning? Results of the big winds last night, gusting to about 40 kph.

  6. What an amazing team effort! BRAVO!

  7. Wow what an Adventure!

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