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4 great FREE PDF downloads with pork cuts and cooking information, plus a bilingual chart (English and Spanish)Cruising in Mexico, many times I didn’t know the Spanish word for a particular cut of meat that I wanted.  But with the cut chart that I had downloaded, I could compare what was in the grocery with the cut I wanted — or better yet, show my picture to the butcher who would invariably bring the right thing out.

Below are three good cut charts (one bilingual in Spanish and English), and well as a cooking time chart.  These are all PDF’s — click to view, or right click and “Save File As” (or whatever similar phrase your browser uses) to just download it.

4 great FREE PDF downloads with pork cuts and cooking information, plus a bilingual chart (English and Spanish)

  • Canadian Pork Cuts Chart, shown above (PDF, 870 KB):  Shows the cuts and also has a wealth of food safety and cooking information.  I had hoped that, being Canadian, there would be a French version, but there isn’t.
  • Pork Retail Cuts in Spanish (PDF, 487 KB) — it’s actually bilingual, so if you have a cut in mind in English, you can find out what it is in Spanish — or show the chart to the butcher.  (Thanks to a reader named Lisa who found this when I didn’t!)

My choices would be the bilingual chart and the cooking times chart, but I included the US cut chart for its high resolution pictures if you have the bandwidth to download it.

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  1. Candy Ann Williams on Facebook says:

    I have these downloaded from your website a while back-wish I had had them in my Mexico and C/A travels. My drawings of what I wanted didn’t go too far-LOL

    These are so helpful.

  2. PEEEG (from the san blas of panama)

  3. As we picked our way through some rather stringy T-bones the other night (I prefer rib eye), my husband said that he is beginning to prefer a nice bit of pork on the grill…

  4. Eric Hendricks on Facebook says:

    Thank you – will be most helpful. Got one for beef?

  5. Eric Hendricks on Facebook says:

    Found it- thanks so much. Jackie will be eating better on Lively Lady.

  6. Hey, you found it VERY quickly!!

  7. We love the pig! gracias!

  8. ? Links are broken to the Canadian & US charts.
    Didn’t try the others yet.

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