Plastic Dispenser for Foil & Wraps

UPDATE 2-13-13:  Both the WrapMaster dispensers and the ones on Amazon seem to almost never be in stock any more.

In the never-ending search for ways to keep cardboard off the boat, a reader named Donna told of one of her finds:  a plastic dispenser for foil, waxed paper and plastic wrap.  I’d never found one that wasn’t just a holder for the box, so I really thank her!

You still can’t get rid of the inner cardboard tube, but being able to leave the boxes behind cuts down considerably on the amount of cardboard you’re bringing aboard (and thus fewer places for bugs to make their home) and cuts down on the storage space, as spare rolls will pack far more tightly without the boxes.

I found two sources for these — Donna had purchased hers from a company called WrapMaster and vouched for the quality.  I found a different brand on Amazon (pictured at the top of the article) at a much lower price, but I haven’t used them and there are no reviews yet.

WrapMaster makes specialized dispensers for foil, waxed paper and plastic wrap, each with a blade designed just for that. Each holds a standard 12″ long roll, and will hold rolls up to 300 feet long.  Each one is 14″ long and 3-1/2″ wide.

Find them here — WrapMaster online store

Note:  The Wrapmaster units available in the UK (through Amazon) will only take their own rolls of foil and plastic wrap.

Pros:  I think that these are a little heavier duty, and cutting blades designed specifically for the material may be better.  Will take extra-large rolls.

Cons:  More expensive and larger.

The Plastic Wrap and Foil Dispenser sold on Amazon does not differentiate between the type of roll — the same dispenser is sold for foil, waxed paper and plastic wrap and the product description says it will make a “perfect tear every time” and says that it’s for “standard” rolls.  There are several sellers, some quite cheap.  And the box size is a little smaller at 12-1/2″ by 3″ by 2-1/2″

There’s a very similar unit available in the UK on Amazon as a Plastic Foil and Cling Film Dispenser.

Pros:  Cheaper and smaller (this may be a deciding for some)

Cons:  No specific blades for different materials — some other dispensers that I looked at just weren’t “universal” in what materials they could cut, so I wonder about this one.  I also wonder if the typical US “extra large” rolls will fit.

I favor the WrapMaster dispensers, especially given Donna’s experience with them.  But I know that sometimes a smaller and cheaper alternative is preferable, and so wanted to include the other.  I’ve never seen a product like this in a store, so they may be an “online-only” item!

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  • Donna Tourt Cantwell on Facebook
    Posted at 09 August 2012 Reply

    The rubber feet keep these secure atop our fridge even when underway offshore. I have mine for several years already. They’ve become a favorite gift to give for house/ boat warmings!

    • Kerri Klein
      Posted at 10 August 2012 Reply

      Such a brilliant lady! You must get your brains from your kids!

  • Janice Steele on Facebook
    Posted at 09 August 2012 Reply

    These are wonderful. I have had mine for about 5 years. They work great each time I use them

  • Kerri Klein
    Posted at 10 August 2012 Reply

    My momma (the lovely Donna Cantwell) gave me a set of the Wrap Masters a few years back. I have a almost 3 yr old and she is a “problem solver” – into EVERYTHING!. These actually keep her out of them and safe from cutting herself (and from making tin foil hats and dresses…). They fit easily into a kitchen drawer and I never have to worry about the roll falling out of the box and rolling across the room.

  • Chris Link on Facebook
    Posted at 10 August 2012 Reply

    Still perfect after two years of cruising,have a Leifheit set that wall mounts at home and it is inferior,love my Wrapmaster!

  • Karen Taylor on Facebook
    Posted at 11 August 2012 Reply

    Love mine! I prefer roll refills to buying cardboard boxes.

  • Roxanne Hollenbeck
    Posted at 28 April 2013 Reply

    I’m not sure this is doable as we don’t have our boat yet, but we’ve been preparing for
    our live aboard life for four years. Just waiting for the house to sell. In the meantime my
    ADD brain has been very busy looking for space saving ideas.My idea is to use the
    heavy duty cutting strip found on the commercial size box, and secure it to the upper inside edge of a drawer. I’d try to install it so it can be raised enough to cut, then lowered so it’s flush against the drawer front so it can’t cut you. Perhaps a bread knife blade (handle removed) could be used instead of the box strip.

  • Carolyn Shearlock
    Posted at 09 July 2013 Reply

    Kathy just sent me this note about the WrapMasters she just got:

    My Wrapmasters were delivered last week while I was on vacation. Loaded them up tonight. I’ll keep you posted on how I like them. So far I am thrilled. My only initial, and very minor criticism, is that they are rather big but then again it is a product designed for a full kitchen not a boat galley. Getting rid of those flimsy cardboard dispensers is my ultimate goal and the Wrapmasters seem perfect for that. They also seem to dispense the foil and plastic easily.

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