Our New Boat

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2014 • all rights reserved


This time, we really did it! It’s a 1999 Gemini 105M catamaran, very similar to the aborted deal. Well, except that she’s in much better condition.

It’s been a long and hectic three weeks of looking at boats, buying this one and then getting her ready to store for the hurricane season.  We’re both thrilled and exhausted!

More info will be coming but just a few photos for now . . .

Galley (yes, there are a couple of bleach stains on the counter . . .)

Galley (yes, there are a couple of bleach stains on the counter . . .)



Almost ready for summer storage . . . just the hatches and door left to close. We can’t wait to get back to her!

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  1. Congratulations! I have been watching your story as it progresses and felt bad, when the last boat proved to be not what you had hoped for. Nice to have such a selection in the south to choose from. Am sure you will enjoy outfitting her. Such fun!

  2. Very happy for you. Congratulations!

    We hope to “bump” into you at a beautiful anchorage someday soon.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  3. Waterwoman says:

    Carolyn, I’ve been away & missed all your excitment. What wonderful news! I’m so happy for you & your hubby. What plans after hurricane season? Or did I miss that post too?
    She is a beauty, and I imagine a bit different to acclimate to after your last boat.

    s/v Ramblin’

  4. Congratulations on you new boat, I am very jealous.
    It must be hard to do that final close up of the hatches and door…. I can imagine as you were walking away, you were already picturing in your mind what you want to do to add you own special touch. I am sure you will enjoy the planning, and putting those plans into action.
    The fun begins.

  5. Cathy s/v ORION says:

    Congrats on your new Cat! As a Cat owner in La Paz, I can tell you that life aboard a Cat is amazing, particularly with the stability of the boat, and the many things that you will never need to stow before a trip. You’ll love your galley options for storage, etc. Best of luck, & looking forward to hearing more of your move-in stories. CM

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