Olives in a Bag

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

Great snack on a boat

Traveling in other countries and then cruising Mexico and Central America, one of our favorite snacks was a little bag of olives.  But I never found them in the US . . . until today!

In many other countries, olives — particularly green olives — are most often sold in these little packages.  And today, there they were in my Walmart Supercenter (yeah, it’s the “big” grocery store in town where I live) had them stocked right with all the other olives.  Just 64 cents a package!

Since we’d eat a single packet at a sitting, I never had to worry about refrigerating leftovers, which is a huge benefit in my estimation.  I never really liked glass jars of olives as they can break (they seem to be thinner glass than pickle jars and some others) and I’ve had bad luck with the lids leaking . . . meaning that I had to store them in a different container and the glass jar was relatively large in the trash.  These plastic pouches, in contrast, are tiny in comparison.

I almost always had some stashed in our snack bin (where anyone is welcome to take anything anytime without having to ask), and we’d frequently take a package along on a hike.  They were also a frequent treat at happy hour, with one package being just about right for two people.

So if you like olives, look for these the next time you’re at the store!

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  1. Mary E Dixon on Facebook says:

    Will look for them. Can also buy them on Amazon.

  2. This has nothing to do with olives but I just made a startling discovery and wanted to pass it on! We are in the Rio Dulce and of course we do dishes by hand. I have had trouble finding good dish detergent…no Joy or Dawn available here. I found a local brand that seemed good, but a small sink full of water required four squirts of detergent and the suds didn’t last very long. For some reason, this morning instead of filling the sink partway with water and squirting in the detergent, I just gave my sponge a single squirt. To my amazement, that one spongeful of detergent washed all the breakfast dishes, including the pot I cooked the oatmeal in, and still had lots of suds left. I will use this method from now on….it will save both dish detergent and water.

  3. Vicki Melchisedeck on Facebook says:

    I have been looking for these. Thanks

  4. Amazon has them too. Check out the customers also bought area for some great varieties. http://www.amazon.com/Mario-Camacho-Pitted-Olives-Savory/dp/B009GX9TQI/?tag=theboagal0a-20

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