Need a Pizza Cutter?

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2013 • all rights reserved

I'd much rather use something that I've already got than go out and buy something more that I have to find room to store!

I never had a pizza cutter on Que Tal; I always figured that I could cut slices with a knife and there was so little drawer space for utensils that I jealously guarded every bit of it and thought long and hard before buying something new.

And while a sharp knife does work “OK” to cut pizza, it does tend to make a mess of the cheese, sort of dragging it across the slice.  And mushrooms, pepperoni wouldn’t always cut neatly and sometimes they’d get dragged, too.  But balanced against the space required for a pizza cutter,* I could deal with it.

And then a couple of days ago, I learned a much easier way to cut pizza without a wheel cutter.  Vicki Shumaker left a comment on my article about kitchen shears saying that she uses hers to cut pizza.  Hmm, never even thought of doing that . . . and I do use my kitchen shears quite a bit.

So the last time we had pizza, I decided to try the shears.  Vicki’s right — they work great!

The only thing that’s at all tricky is getting the pizza to stay still.  It’s too hot to steady with your hand!  I ended up using a fork in my left hand to hold the hot pizza in place, while cutting with the shears in my right hand.  And since the shears come apart, washing the cheese off was a snap.

I love it when I find better ways of doing stuff with what I already have!

*Okay, I know isn’t really a big item.  But you start adding a few of these “extra” items and — depending on the size of your boat — pretty soon there’s a space crisis.  And something has to go.  So I think long and hard before buying stuff to go on the boat.  Why buy it if I’m just going to have to get rid of it?

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  1. Donna Richard on Facebook says:

    Great Idea!

  2. Stan Cole says:

    I have tried most ways of cutting pizza. Assuming you have a cutting board as big as your Pizza I find that nothing works as well a curved non-serrated knife as longer than the radius of the pizza. Put the point in the middle of the Pizza and rock the blade across the pie without sliding the knife. Cuts perfect with no mess.This is the way most pizza shops cut their pie, except their knife is usually long enough to get all the way across in one go.
    If you don’t have a big cutting board then I recommend you make one that perfectly covers your sink and locks into place. Carefully place rubber feet that drop into sink and cut board to fit against plumbing fixtures. An cutaway opening below a point on swing of faucet spigot is also handy. Make sure that you also make some clips on the inside of a cabinet door or wherever it best fits for storage.
    You will wonder how you ever got along without that big chunk of extra counter space.

  3. Great idea!! We do have a pizza cutter on board – and it is great but I was reluctant to get it and other gadgets too. An old friend of ours, and a bit of a sailing legend, said to us when we bought our new boat, ” Don’t put anything on board that does not have at least 2 uses” I try and keep to this but there is another member of our crew ( we are a 2 hander) that forgets sometimes. I have yet to find another use for the pizza cutter, but it does not take up much room.

  4. Cool! Who’d a thought it?!

  5. I’ve been using scissors for pizza for years!

  6. Barbara Lowell says:

    i have also been doing this for yrs tho i no longer eat pizza (vegan); you might try sauteeing eggplant and garlic and onions instead of the cheese, it is rich enough to work great; also you can try sprinkling nutritional yeast over his half of the pizza if he likes the taste. Red Star is the best and you can add to caesar salad in place of parmesan; you have to cultivate a taste for it by not keeping real cheese notion in your head. Also sprinkle raw hemp seeds into salad, super nutrition (omega3, calcium and protein) & nutty taste in place of cheese. I love scissors for cutting up greens for salad, slicing cherry tomatoes and olives in half, cutting peppers for salad, chives, basil, dill, etc. But best for pizza, pita, etc.

  7. What is it with Americans and their gadgets? Something wrong with a knife?

  8. I have a pair of scissors that is dedicated to the galley and is the most used item I have. Easy to clean, store, and use.

  9. Taking it out of my boat box

  10. I am happy that i have one knife that i really love so i do not have to bring alot of knives. Just working on the rest of the kitchen stuff. This is harder than i thought and i have one week to go.

  11. D and Don says:

    I also use scissors to trim parsley and fresh herbs. I call it giving them a “haircut”.


  12. i purchased one of these kits when I started my cooking apprenticeship. Purchased another for the boat. Other than a microplane, I’ve needed nothing else in the galley.

  13. great idea…….can’t wait to try it!

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