Nautspill Drinkware

2017 UPDATE: This company has gone out of business.

The name gives it away — Nautspill was designed by a sailor who pretty unhappy when her wine spilled.  That sailor, Aussie Amanda Burkett, decided to come up with a solution.  In business since 2007, she recently sent me a glass to try out.

Now, the Nautspill Drinkware isn’t intended to be totally spillproof but simply spill resistant with an easy to use system.  Amanda wanted to stop the wine from sloshing out of the glass and keep the glass from sliding across a table and falling.  Also important was the ability to easily grab the glass for a drink, drink as normal and fill the glass without having to take anything apart.

Amanda succeeded.  Admittedly, it’s not perfectly spillproof but if that’s what you need, the only solution is a sippy cup.  The Nautspill looks and feels much more sophisticated.



There are three pieces to the Nautspill system:  a suction cup base, the glass and a baffle.  All are BPA-free plastic.

The baffle goes in the glass.  It’s held in place by friction; nothing to snap together.  It’s designed so that you can pour wine into the glass through the baffle as well as drink with it in place.

The base goes on any smooth surface that’s convenient to where you are drinking.  It has a suction cup on the bottom, so it’s not going to stick to nonskid or unfinished wood.  But varnished wood or fiberglass?  It holds quite well (see the photo of me lifting a ceramic plate by holding the base).

Nautspill-suctionOverall, I really liked how the Nautspill wine glass worked.  It’s available with three different baffle/base colors: blue, pink and natural.  Getting a couple of different colors makes it easy to tell whose glass is whose.

And one final note — don’t wash plastic glasses (of any variety) in hot water as it will cloud them over time.

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