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I have three friends who make and sell nautical jewelry (and one makes other nautical items as well) that I love wearing. And it’s all boat-friendly and affordable!

Since they are very different styles, I can honestly say that they’re all my favorite!

Mystic KnotworkMystic Knotwork — Matt and Jill Beaudoin live aboard in Mystic, Connecticut and continue the family business of decorative knotwork started by Matt’s grandfather. In addition to the traditional bracelets, they also make Turk’s Head coasters and napkin rings, welcome mats, Monkey’s Fist key chains, and replacement pulls for lifeline pelican clips amongst lots of other things.

While I’m wearing a white bracelet in the photo, I also have a navy one and they make a wide array of colors. They stretch to go over your hand and will shrink up a bit if you get the bracelet wet — just wet it again when you want to take it off and it’ll stretch back over your hand.

Very affordable with the solid bracelets just $4.25.

NOTE: Purchases from Mystic Knotwork made through the link above help support The Boat Galley.

RobinCatRobinCat Creations — Robin Aitkin Hardy cruised the Sea of Cortez for 10+ years with her husband Martin aboard their trawler, The Cat’s Meow. One of our closest friends from the Sea, Robin is a talented jewelry maker, hand making exquisite and elegant necklaces and earrings. Whenever I wear the necklace she made for me, I have total strangers stop me, compliment it and ask where to get one of Robin’s creations.

In Robin’s words:

My creations tend to incorporate shells, shell pieces, and beach glass. The shells and other beach-oriented pieces all come from my own beach-combing (mostly in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico), and the abalone pieces are from Martin’s foraging along the shores of northern California.  Almost all of my pieces are intricately beaded. The beads are sewn onto a special backing which has been attached to the focal piece(s) with an epoxy glue, then a second layer of the backing is applied, which gives each piece of jewelry a secure, long-lasting and professional finish. 

Robin takes much better photos of her work than the selfie I took wearing the necklace she gave me, so the picture is one of her creations that’s currently for sale. Prices start around $20, with most pieces around $40.

  • See all RobinCat Creations — click on the photo of any that interest you and you can see the price and there will be a link to contact Robin directly about purchasing it (in other words, there’s no “buy now” button but she responds quickly).

Shackle braceletmaggie & milly — Melody aboard Vacilando makes these cute shackle bracelets in a variety of colors. Well, I say Melody “aboard Vacilando” — actually Vacilando is for sale and she and husband Chris are now looking for their “forever” boat. We had known each other via our blogs and Facebook, and managed to have lunch together last fall when we found ourselves in the same place!

Melody’s bracelets are made of quick-drying paracord and the shackle is a real stainless shackle (yes, you can use it as a spare).

Do you make nautical jewelry? Leave a description, price range and link to see/purchase in the comments!

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  • tami
    Posted at 20 August 2014 Reply

    Island Moon Jewelry is by Jasmine and Gypsy, and they have a Chinese junk sailboat “Concubine” in my local harbor. By sailors, for sailors

  • Penelope Kingsbury
    Posted at 20 August 2014 Reply

    I have been making jewelry since I started cruising 7 years ago. I was inspired by the beautiful colors of the waters in the Bahamas. I incorporate beach glass, shells, and gems of the colors of water in my creations. I will be setting up an ETSY site this summer.

    I currently sell my work at Plum Summer in Burgess, VA and at Coastal Mermaid in Palm Coast, FL.

    I can be reached at

  • Candy Ann Williams
    Posted at 20 August 2014 Reply

    I love the shackle bracelet.

  • Lupari Sue
    Posted at 20 August 2014 Reply

    Very sweet. Love nautical style jewellery.

  • Relinda
    Posted at 20 August 2014 Reply

    I can’t wear most jewelry because of the metals. The knot jewelry will be perfect! Relinda

  • Carolyn Shearlock
    Posted at 12 September 2014 Reply

    Got this as an email from D, who I met at the Annapolis Boat Show:

    Our friend Karen Pakkala makes jewelry too. I love her pieces. She collects the glass when she and her partner Jerry are in the Bahamas and then makes it along the way back to upstate New York (via the Erie canal) where they summer aboard the boat PERSPHONE. Well, maybe not for long as PERSPHONE is for sale and they are looking for a different boat. Here is her blog site.

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