Nautica Howland Quilt Set

UPDATE: We’ve had this set a year now and still love it . . .

Like most boats, ours doesn’t have a lot of room for decorating. I like to make the most of the few chances I get – the rugs, the dishes, the towels in the bathroom and – the biggest item on the boats we’ve had – the bedding.

We’re lucky on Barefoot Gal as our bed is almost a standard Queen Size (Gemini says it is; my mattress topper, mattress pad and sheets all say it’s a little narrower). For the past year or so I’ve been “sorta looking” for a pretty quilt for the bed. The previous owner had left a quilt so we weren’t desperate, but it pretty much screamed “bargain basement” (scratchy and a little stiff) and the design wasn’t at all what I would have chosen.

But it worked for our first season on the boat. Once we sold the house and I knew the boat was our only home, getting something a bit nicer with a design that Dave and I liked – no, loved –  moved up on the priority list.

A month or so ago, Beth at Sailboat Interiors (a TBG sponsor) was showing off some new products they were carrying by posting pictures on Facebook. I saw this blue-and-white quilt set and fell in love with it. Even better, it perfectly matched the navy blue sheets we’d gotten from Sailboat Interiors last winter to review (read my review here – we continue to love them).

We got the quilt set a little over a week ago. The design is great and the cotton is wonderfully soft and snuggly. A perfect weight for most of the year in the tropics – admittedly, in the summer we only use the sheet. On the few cold nights we encounter, we’ll add a blanket – better than having a too-heavy quilt all the time.

But the real reason I wanted to post about this isn’t just to show off our bit of decorating. It’s because Sailboat Interiors is one of the very few places where you can get sheets, blankets and quilts not just for standard size (that is, non-boat) beds, but also sized for v-berths and quarter berths. They’re not cheap, but they are far less expensive than having custom ones made – and yes, they really do fit almost any boat due to the elastic cinch system. I can’t show them off since we don’t have a v-berth, but I so wish they’d been in business when we DID have a v-berth and I kept patching the set of custom sheets that the previous owner had left because I couldn’t find an afforable new set to buy.

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