More Trash Management

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More Trash Management

Plastic bottles, such as ones for vinegar, laundry and cleaning supplies take up a bunch of space in the trash.  There really isn’t a good way to crush them, unless you cut them into small pieces.  That takes forever.

So what can you do with them?

Jugs like these are another candidate for repurposing (read about repurposing Parmesan cheese canisters).  They make great dinghy bailers:

If the bottle has held soap or something else you don’t want all over, be sure to rinse it out before cutting off the bottom.

Depending on how thick the plastic is, you can cut it with good kitchen shears (my usual tactic), use a serrated knife (not good for the knife, though, so don’t use your good one), or cut it with a hacksaw (Dave’s technique).

So that you don’t lose it out of the dinghy, use about 4 feet of 1/8″ cord and tie one end around the handle and the other to something in the dinghy.

Okay, so you probably can’t use all your empty jugs this way . . . but it’s at least one less in the trash!

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  1. If you cut the bottom off the heavy plastic jug about a half inch up from the curve, the top can be used as a bailer as mentioned – but the bottom makes a dandy scrubber for cleaning marine growth off of hulls as long as it hasn’t built up too much.

    • I have often purchased full containers with my future idea in mind. If I must buy the large sized container for laundry detergent then I purchase the one with the handle going the correct direction for my re-purpose idea from the beginning. Not all containers will work for you. Figure out what you want your empty container to become, mark the area to be cut with a marker or wax pen, cut out those areas, spouts, openings, etc,, smooth the cut edges for any plastic burs. As long as you leave the original handle connected, preferably in the center, it keeps the container sturdy and makes a great grip due to the fact it’s thicker there. I have a used an x-large blue “All” laundry detergent bottle for years to hold small stuff needed quickly, (horns, rope) or to catch smaller items from falling to the bottom of the locker. Water won’t hurt it, square in shape so it fits in the locker. Best of all it’s FREE.

  2. On our cruises, we cut the top off of all cans and bottles. The bottom is placed upright in the trash and becomes a strudy recepticle for further trash. The top, or lid, can be put in the bottom. At least this keeps our trash more compact. We laugh now as we describe to our friends that instead of cruising from anchorage to anchorage, we cruise form trash can to trash can.

  3. Been doing this for ages, then don’t pine if we lose it .

  4. I like the square half gallon milk bottles for bailers. They.lay flat on the floor, get more water out.

  5. Square olive oil jugs are great for this too and seem a bit stiffer. And don’t forget that you can use the top of 2 liter bottles as a funnel.

  6. Been doing this for fifty years.

  7. Those fresh citrus plastic square jars are the same ones you pay $$ for empty. So I buy the citrus, enjoy it, and reuse the jar for dry cereal, etc.

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