Making Gravy

By Carolyn Shearlock © 2012 • all rights reserved

Five techniques to make lump-free gravy . . . without stress and without any special equipment.  It's all in how you add the ingredients together!

If you’re making gravy, here’s a few tips for mixing the thickening with fewer lumps and less stress —

  • Mixing flour or cornstarch with water?  Put the liquid in a small container and then put the flour or cornstarch in.  Then cap and shake, stir or whisk to mix.  For some reason, it mixes far more easily if you put the liquid in first rather than last.
  • Using cornstarch? Using a room-temperature or cool liquid makes for easier mixing than a warm to hot liquid.
  • Slowly add the thickening (liquid and flour or cornstarch mix) to the drippings or broth, then heat it to boiling while stirring.  Adding the thickening to hot liquid, even when poured slowly, is much more likely to form lumps.
  • Mixing flour into oil, drippings, butter or margarine?  Mix them thoroughly, then add the liquid a little at a time before heating the mixture back up.  It is much easier to avoid lumps if you don’t add the liquid to a hot pan of thickening.
  • When all else fails, just pour the gravy through a strainer into the serving bowl.  No one has to know about the lumps that it caught!

And one final tip — warm the gravy boat or bowl by filling it with hot or warm water while you’re making the gravy.  The gravy won’t cool down nearly as quickly when it’s being passed around the table.

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  2. Google “Paul Kelly’s. ,How to make gravy it’s an Awsome song ,and I use the same recipie

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