Little Stove, Normal Pan

Barefoot Gal, like all Gemini catamarans, has a tiny stove. It’s just 18” wide – that’s 4” narrower than a Coleman camp stove!

My first evening cooking aboard I learned that a 10” skillet sat off-center over the burner. No problem, I figured, the pan will conduct the heat from one side to the other.

Except that it didn’t do a very good job of it. Since we’re working on the boat all day, meals are pretty simple one-pan affairs. Dinner that first night was “Ground Beef, Carrots and Potatoes” (page 269 of The Boat Galley Cookbook), where the main ingredients along with some onions are sauteed together and left to simmer until the carrots and potatoes are tender. When I checked back partway through the simmer time, I discovered that the carrots and potatoes on the side not over the burner were still rock hard!

Lesson learned: every 5 minutes or so, mix the food in the skillet and deliberately “change sides.” I’ve also learned that I have to add about 25% to my expected cooking times – more if I’m not using the cover (say when browning crumbled hamburger).

The good news is that my Kuhn-Rikon 4th Burner Multi-Pot (click link to read about it) is the perfect size for this stove and not only is great for pasta and veggies, but also as a replacement for a tea kettle, which would have the same problem of being larger than the burner.

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  • S/V Dos Libras
    Posted at 13 October 2014 Reply

    I’ve added this to my wish list…

  • Mary E Dixon
    Posted at 13 October 2014 Reply

    Amazon has stove diffusers. Might help

    • The Boat Galley
      Posted at 13 October 2014 Reply

      I have a diffuser but it doesn’t do much to spread the heat to the “cool” side unfortunately.

  • Jeri Berge
    Posted at 13 October 2014 Reply

    I have a four burner electric stove top but same issue with regular 10 -12 inch frying pan because the burners are so close to the edge. I just ordered the 4th burner pot from Kuhn Rikon. Can’t wait to cook with it!

  • Sally Conlee
    Posted at 13 October 2014 Reply

    I bought the 4th burner pot last year and it lived up to your recommendations! Perfect!

  • Linda Vierow
    Posted at 13 October 2014 Reply

    I found 2 square pans on HSN that fit perfect fit 8 inch side by side love that they nest

  • Butch
    Posted at 14 October 2014 Reply

    We have lived on board our sail boat for some time and we have found the 6″ & 8″ fry pans work very well. Also 2 & 4 quart pots. We looked for pots and pans with heavy bottoms, they work best. We even found a 4 quart pressure cooker.
    I found lids for all our pans and that helps with the cooking time as well as the cleanup. I found a coffee pot at West Marine.

  • Jon Hansen
    Posted at 14 October 2014 Reply

    An Induction cooktop might solve the problem – as well as the “how to clean the burners” – next article. We just purchased two of them and haven’t given them a long term trial yet (heading back to the boat in Mazatlan next week), but will let you know how they work out in a month or so.

    • Carolyn Shearlock
      Posted at 15 October 2014 Reply

      Right now, we don’t plan to change the stove. And I know I wouldn’t have the power for an induction burner if not attached to shore power. Good luck with them — lots of readers who mostly stay at marinas or who have a large generator love them!

  • Jennifer Simpson
    Posted at 14 October 2014 Reply

    Judy Bock White have you met Carolyn Shearlock of The Boat Galley? She’s a proud Gemini owner now.

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