Keeping Trash and Recycling Separate

Whenever we’re cruising where there’s recycling available, we always have two “trash” bags going — one for recycling and one for items that can’t be recycled.

But since they would hang side by side — and could twist around each other as we moved them to get into the storage behind them or just as the boat moved — it was easy to put items in the wrong bag . . . so before we’d take them ashore, we’d have to peer into both and make sure everything had been correctly sorted.*

Then one day it hit me: use different color bags. Problem solved.

If you use bins, you could do the same with different color bins, although they don’t tend to get out of position as easily.

The color scheme? It really doesn’t matter other than keeping it consistent. For us, it was easy to decide what color we’d use for what. Our local store only carries heavy duty bags in white and our recycling includes relatively heavy glass bottles.

*Having materials in the recycling bin that can’t be recycled can ruin an entire “batch” of recycling . . . and the local trash company will refuse to empty the recycling dumpster if there are inelegible materials that will cause problems for their machinery.

Stop accidentally mixing trash and recycling! An easy way to make sure you're putting trash and recycling in the correct bags or bins.

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  • Ernie
    Posted at 10 January 2017 Reply

    Old joke:

    Two cowboys couldn’t tell their horses apart. They tried cutting one’s tail shorter, but it just grew out. They notched one horse’s ear, but the other got caught in some barbed wire and got the same notch. Finally, they measured two horses, and sure enough, the black horse was two inches taller than the white horse.

    Similar to putting a little nail polish on keys to identify them.

    • LaMarr
      Posted at 12 January 2017 Reply

      Now which one is purple and what does the orange one open?

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